28th September 2022

Lust Is Deliberate And Not

Lust is historically accepted as the insatiable craving for sexual pleasures [hell of a beast!] one we best associate with serpentine imagery; a kind of sensual serpent with a knowing

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3rd February 2022

I Can’t Feel Your Thing

I will digress a little today and write about a thing or two that has happened since I started this blog about two weeks ago. I have received quite a

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12th January 2022

Are You Wearing The Right

Lindiwe Rasekoala, top sexual wellness coach, explains that wearing a condom doesn’t mean you’re throwing excitement in the bedroom out the window. There are tons of styles, sizes, and stats

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3rd August 2021

Sex, Love and Money.

I just spent the night with an ex-girlfriend trying to figure out what the hell went wrong between us and as usual we couldn’t agree on anything. This woman, like

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3rd May 2021

My Vagina Is Tighter Than

I am a feminist I am a feminist because I believe in gender equality My long and short of it, this is I am clear it is clear *** Removed

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16th July 2020

Dirty Thoughts: What is Your

We’ve been dating for about three months and I’ve been contemplating when to reveal some of my obscure sexual desires to him. So far he’s been able to take my

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12th June 2020

Why Men Don’t Talk About

These were the last few lines of the rape campaign ad that featured Charlize Theron some years ago. Today, rape is back in the news and many women are lamenting

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9th June 2020

A Taste of Her Own

After completing my studies, I got a job at a huge publishing company in Johannesburg. Being from Pretoria I couldn’t travel every day so I decided to rent a flat.

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4th September 2019

Friends with Benefits

Friendships are a natural and integral part of anyone’s life. The not so silent gatekeepers of our conduct, partners in crime, and in some cases your friends are your family

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