20th November 2023

Dealing With Grief As a

Life is unpredictable and there will come a time when the inevitable passing of a loved one hits you when you least expect it. When that morbid and dark cloud

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13th November 2023

An Apology To My First

It is often said that there’s no love like the First Real Love. The rollercoaster ride that comes with your first love peaks at a lofty height and even draws

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1st June 2023

Why Tough Love Is Necessary

Lately, I find myself reflecting on my personal journey as umjita, and more often than it is required; I relish at the indelible fact that, some things are painful but

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24th February 2023

I am Here To Dream

The Covid pandemic and its effects were a lot on most of us and many of us have never been through a pandemic before. We also lost a lot of

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8th February 2023

Sometimes Being in love with

We all have a “type”. Without any coherent reason, we find ourselves drawn to a specific look and specific traits in a potential romantic partner. When we do date our

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13th October 2022

Healing For Your Children, And

Today is my Dad’s birthday. I took this picture a few weeks ago. I was walking past and noticed Thing 2 and her dad watching TV. First I gave myself

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4th October 2022

What to Expect this October

Spooky season is upon us and Netflix has got you covered with these deliciously scary watches. The Conjuring, Final Destination and A Nightmare on Elm Street are among our top

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28th September 2022

Lust Is Deliberate And Not

Lust is historically accepted as the insatiable craving for sexual pleasures [hell of a beast!] one we best associate with serpentine imagery; a kind of sensual serpent with a knowing

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13th September 2022

How to Handle a Lifestyle

Petrol is now at R21 a liter and it’s said it will reach R40 soon. A lot of South Africans do not have much to downgrade from their lifestyle but

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13th September 2022

Castle Lite, the Global partner

More than 120 000 rugby and entertainment enthusiasts, one of them being the Legendary Brian Habana, filled up the mother city, at Cape Town Stadium in three days to attend

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