30th Nov 2021

Who Is Protecting The Boys

Who is protecting them? What resources are we offering them? What lessons are we teaching?” – Palesa Radebe A simple walk down the streets of many townships presents a monotonous

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23rd Nov 2021

The HUAWEI nova 9

Huawei South Africa is about the launch its latest smartphone – the HUAWEI nova 9. It’s certainly been a nova year in South Africa, with the HUAWEI nova Series dominating

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19th Nov 2021

The Metaverse Explained In 5

In order to emphasize the global shift to the Metaverse era, Facebook rebranded itself with a new name. South Korean millennials and Gen Z’s are also gathering in virtual alternative

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17th Nov 2021

A1 Fruit Water Comes In

When I first received the package from A1 Fruit Water company, I had no idea what to expect because water is water right? For me it seemed like water that

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15th Nov 2021

Before The Drugs, There Were

“So what made you suicidal?” “What were the details of your inner voice or what visions did you have when it felt unbearable?” These are some of the thought provoking

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3rd Nov 2021

When My Money Left, So

The title sounds like a dope Kwaito album from one of the greats, but that couldn’t be further from the premise of this write-up. See, what I am alluding to

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25th Oct 2021

Smirnoff Infusions Competition

Smirnoff recently introduced their new Smirnoff Infusions variants to Mzansi: A well balanced blend of spirits infused with Natural flavours. Tell us which Marvin cover is your favourite and why

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25th Oct 2021

Men Should Learn To Finish

One skill and mindset that a man but harness and if he is to become men amongst men and a man to himself. A lot of men fail because they

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21st Oct 2021

The Strong Black Woman Burden

It has been calling me; it has been calling out to me In many different ways it has been calling me It called and called out when Feminsta Jones wrote:

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18th Oct 2021

The Graduate; To be a

After rekindling the relationship with my old man, I came to a realization that in this lifetime I had a father and not a dad. There are many people just

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