23rd Mar 2022

9 Men’s Mental Health Lessons

1. You are number one in any relationship. And NO! You not being selfish, it is the ultimate form of love. Taking of yourself, making decisions that best suit you

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2nd Mar 2022

To Ask A Black Man

As things stand today, to ask a black man how he’s doing has become taboo. To ask a black man how he’s doing is seen as an insult to those

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1st Mar 2022

Sometimes Being in love with

We all have a “type”. Without any coherent reason, we find ourselves drawn to a specific look and specific traits in a potential romantic partner. When we do date our

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28th Feb 2022

First Born Sons Are Not

There’s a certain type of mother wound that hits first born sons, hard, and their pain is not acknowledged. If anything we have coined the derogative term “mama’s boy” and

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15th Feb 2022

Are South Africans A Romantic

To find out if indeed South Africans are a romantic bunch, Uber Eats pulled it’s 2021 Valentine’s Day data which revealed some interesting bites.  Leading up to Valentine's Day, a

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14th Feb 2022

You Can Love a Broke

There is an infestation of quotes directed and possibly written by women urging young ladies to support their struggling or hustling men. Quotes such as “Support his dream”, “A real

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3rd Feb 2022

I Can’t Feel Your Thing

I will digress a little today and write about a thing or two that has happened since I started this blog about two weeks ago. I have received quite a

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2nd Feb 2022

The Beginning of We Are

2014 feels like another world compared to now, yet we are still dealing with the same challenges if not worse. We Are Coming For Everything as a hashtag to highlight

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1st Feb 2022

What to Expect this February

The month of love is around the corner and trust Netflix to shower you with some binge-worthy content that you will definitely fall in love with. We kick things off

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24th Jan 2022

Legends Barbershop Joins Uber Eats

Innovation to drive awareness to more than 150k Uber Eats customers. Uber Eats is thrilled to announce its latest partnership with the local success story Legends Barbershop. Earlier this year

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