13th November 2023

An Apology To My First

It is often said that there’s no love like the First Real Love. The rollercoaster ride that comes with your first love peaks at a lofty height and even draws

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8th February 2023

Sometimes Being in love with

We all have a “type”. Without any coherent reason, we find ourselves drawn to a specific look and specific traits in a potential romantic partner. When we do date our

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2nd March 2022

To Ask A Black Man

As things stand today, to ask a black man how he’s doing has become taboo. To ask a black man how he’s doing is seen as an insult to those

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15th February 2022

Are South Africans A Romantic

To find out if indeed South Africans are a romantic bunch, Uber Eats pulled it’s 2021 Valentine’s Day data which revealed some interesting bites.  Leading up to Valentine's Day, a

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14th February 2022

You Can Love a Broke

There is an infestation of quotes directed and possibly written by women urging young ladies to support their struggling or hustling men. Quotes such as “Support his dream”, “A real

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3rd November 2021

When My Money Left, So

The title sounds like a dope Kwaito album from one of the greats, but that couldn’t be further from the premise of this write-up. See, what I am alluding to

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7th October 2021

Date A Woman With A

WHERE ARE YOU? AND, WHERE IS SHE? If you are between the age of 25 and 35 you are at the height of your dating life. This is the point

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15th June 2021

I Am A Single Girl.

Or woman. Whatever one wants to call it. Bottom line is that I am single. In fact, I’m so single, I can’t remember the last time I got a young

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14th June 2021

To Let Go Is To

Letting go is one of the most difficult tasks we will ever face in our lifetime. Letting go of a relationship, friendship, the past, etc, there’s no question that breakups

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