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Letters To My Son (Part 1)

The Birth of a Father When I first thought about writing this, it was just after midnight. The computer I was busy on glowed a soft, dim light into my bedroom as I watched you sleep. You had passed out on my bed and I was too lazy to carry you to yours. It was...


Auntie – My Friend (Part 1)

I met Auntie some years ago. Actually, it was more like she forced her introductions onto me. She is a homeless lady. The scenic streets of Cape Town are laced with more homeless people than anywhere i’ve ever seen. Clearly photoshop comes in handy for the brochures. Anyway, that’s not the point of the story....


Why Men Don’t Talk About Rape …

These were the last few lines of the rape campaign ad that featured Charlize Theron some years ago. Today, rape is back in the news and many women are lamenting these same sentiments. Questions are being asked, where are men in all of this rape pandemonium? Why are they not saying anything? Why aren’t they...


Life Through A Young Black Man Over The Weekend.

The average upwardly mobile young black male in this decade can live a social life that, to the unsuspecting, can seem quite contradictory and marked by stark contrasts of influences, circumstances, means and social structure. Let’s look at a weekend in the life of Skhumba. It’s nearly 4pm on Friday, and he has spent


South Africa A Nation of Psychopaths

What is happening is normal for a society that they have neglected the root of the very fear that stalks it. What is happening right now in our society is that our daughters are reaping what we have sowed in the minds of our sons. We can arrest every single adult male and send them to jail today