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Trust lived in the dark and tempting ages where a man was lured to gnaw at the forbidden fruit, which the slithering snake crawled around it as if it were a skeeming ribbon. See trust lived for years and years. He actually hogged our lives’ Oxygen for many eons. Many fell for the robes that...


What to Expect this September 2022 on Netflix

Netflix brings the mystical and supernatural to life In a new series titled, The Brave Ones. Set in modern-day South Africa, this captivating supernatural series is inspired by the rich mythology of African gods and divine beings. It tells the story of Ntsiki (Sthandile Nkosi), a goddess reincarnated as a human being to avenge her sister’s...


What My World Looks Like as A Working Mom

06:00 – get ready while helper gets elder child ready 06:45 – drive to school 07:07 – drive from school to work 08:15 – arrive at desk, make coffee 08:45 – get into the day 16:00 – leave work to fetch child 17:00 – arrive to collect child 17:20 – run quick errands/groceries 18:00 –...