29th Jan 2020

Grooming …

There is a saying on social media that goes “it’s not that you are ugly, you are just broke”, and I am actually starting to believe parts of it. After

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10th Jul 2019

Dealing With Procrastination

Procrastination can be referred to as the biggest enemy of modern civilization today. With the dreaded internet, never has it been so convenient to procrastinate. There are reasons that prove

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23rd Jan 2019

… a poverty-stricken mind

Apartheid accomplished the rooting of intra-racial hatred into generational consciousness.  We seem to suckle it to our young and it courses through their veins.  You don’t believe me?  Have you

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13th Nov 2018

Don’t Call It ‘Black Tax’ …

What is black tax? Black tax is the process through which an individual (male or female) who is black (hence black tax) generates some sort of income or revenue and

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