6th May 2021

There’s a Place Where Most

When Gorgeous George asked me to write something for studio 83’s first ever issue, I thought “How thrilling”! It’s now exactly midnight and I’m struggling to string the first three

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19th Nov 2020

I Miss Especially The Things

I miss especially the things that we didn’t get to do I miss the things that we didn’t get to have The Saturday morning when I have to tear myself

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13th Nov 2020

I Turned 30. I think

In January, I turned 30. Three-zero. XXX. Three decades. From now on, I will raise my hands along with other 30-somethings. I’m that much closer to being referred to as

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31st Aug 2020

What My World Looks Like

06:00 - get ready while helper gets elder child ready 06:45 - drive to school 07:07 - drive from school to work 08:15 - arrive at desk, make coffee 08:45

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6th Jul 2020

Cape Town is not Racist.

So the question is, is Cape Town an inherently racist? I'm not one for gross generalisations, that's just retarded, so I thought it would help if I gave my first

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14th Mar 2020

An Open Letter To My

Dear Nephew, I call you that because you are truly cherished (in a way that I doubt I could explain to you sufficiently in words). I am not particularly fond

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7th Mar 2020

We Leave Because We Can

At our year-end party, my boss kissed me. I left the dance floor and went to the bathroom, and he followed me into the bathroom. There were people on the

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29th Jan 2020

Grooming …

There is a saying on social media that goes “it’s not that you are ugly, you are just broke”, and I am actually starting to believe parts of it. After

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3rd Jan 2020

South Africa A Nation of

In South Africa, when a man brutally kills another man, there is a general acceptance that he is a violent criminal, a killer, a murderer. When a man brutally kills

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