18th April 2023

Expect Nothing, When one finds

When one finds out they are pregnant, I don’t care who you are, and fear kicks in. For some reason, you think your life is over and you don’t have

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28th February 2023

My Relationship With My Father…

I had always painted my relationship with my father as this beautiful perfect picture.‎ I remember when my little brother was born, the excitement on his face was so visible

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7th February 2023

Daddy Issues (Part 2)

I suppose, to understand the concept of Daddy Issues we should head back to where it might have begun. But before we go there, let’s establish what is actually classified

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2nd February 2023

Daddy Issues (Part 1)

By Daddy Issues I’m not talking about big-boned Lucy stuffed inside a little black dress calculating “fellatio ratio”, mouth balls deep on a boner in the club VIP just to

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16th January 2023

Why Its Easier For Men

Certain situations are easier to judge when you are on the outside looking in. I’ve always been judgmental to men who leave their kids behind and never create a bond

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18th November 2022

Letters To My Son (Part

The Birth of a Father When I first thought about writing this, it was just after midnight. The computer I was busy on glowed a soft, dim light into my

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13th October 2022

Healing For Your Children, And

Today is my Dad’s birthday. I took this picture a few weeks ago. I was walking past and noticed Thing 2 and her dad watching TV. First I gave myself

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7th October 2021

Date A Woman With A

WHERE ARE YOU? AND, WHERE IS SHE? If you are between the age of 25 and 35 you are at the height of your dating life. This is the point

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