13th Jan 2020

Tips for Young Fathers

Apparently I’m young. Well I feel young, everyone says I am, even Discovery, so perhaps I should own it. 

I become a very young father. I was

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3rd Jan 2020

I’m a. Single. Mother

You need to go to Cape Town for three weeks, the assignment needs to be wrapped up and you're the resource. The first thought that springs to mind are my

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6th Nov 2019

The Fine Print of Fatherhood …

You know how some guys talk about fatherhood about how: ''I'm going to be a good father, I'm going to be there for my kids and support them and and and....'' Do

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29th Oct 2019

I’m. Still. a Single Mother

I'm eternally grateful to the creactors of the smartphone and mobile internet (even though #datamustfall)! Although I've missed my children terribly whilst I'm traveling, I've been able to keep in

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21st Oct 2019

Daddy Issues (Part 3)

That’s it. What else do you want to know? Matthew’s 17th verse in chapter 7 says “…but the diseased tree bears bad fruit.” Nina Simone said they were like “strange fruit hanging

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18th Oct 2019

Protect The Boy Child (Part 1)

It’s important for a child to be raised by both parents, it’s also very important for both parents to play an active role in raising the child. The boy child

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12th Sep 2019

Daddy Issues (Part 1)

By Daddy Issues I’m not talking about big-boned Lucy stuffed inside a little black dress calculating “fellatio ratio”, mouth balls deep on a boner in the club VIP just to

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