18th Oct 2019

Protect The Boy Child (Part 1)

It’s important for a child to be raised by both parents, it’s also very important for both parents to play an active role in raising the child. The boy child

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3rd Jun 2019

Letter To Neo Enhle Mautloa

Every girl needs her Dad, no matter her age. This is the man that helps guide her in life. The man that teaches her how to stand up for herself.

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11th Mar 2019

Fatherless Society

I attended a funeral over the weekend and as per usual, all the speakers had great things to say about the deceased. Two things stuck out for me.

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8th Mar 2019

To Have Children or Not …

“Don’t have kids. Just. Don’t. Do. It.” That’s my standard line to my friends, they also know how serious I am when I say it. What very few

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6th Feb 2019

My Abusive Mother …

Growing up, one would always hear about deadbeat fathers/uncles/brothers and all the abuse they came with – emotionally, psychologically and physically too. It’s a song that’s still sung

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