Are South Africans A Romantic Bunch?

Are South Africans A Romantic Bunch?

To find out if indeed South Africans are a romantic bunch, Uber Eats pulled it’s 2021 Valentine’s Day data which revealed some interesting bites. 

Leading up to Valentine’s Day, a total of 212 bouquets of flowers were ordered, and of these roses rose up to the occasion making up 420 meters in height if stacked up. This is equivalent to almost twice the height of the tallest building in South Africa, The Leonardo in Sandton, Johannesburg. 

Champagne was another favourite last year with 6213 litres of champagne being ordered. This is enough to fill almost six standard jacuzzis.

On 13 and 14 February last year, one brand of chocolate saw 200 chocolate slabs being ordered on the App. Close to 800 desserts were ordered leading up to the day, with cinnamon sugar doughnuts taking the top order.

Dinner orders were the most popular between 5 pm and 7 pm, with the most expensive being dinner for two amounting to just under R2000, the dinner included oysters, a seafood platter for two and a creme brulee to wrap up the evening. 

From the e-hailing side, restaurants and bars saw the highest number of requests on the day, followed by various hotels in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town.  

“While Valentine’s Day treats and spoils are quite popular with South Africans, we are excited to see what interesting items make the list for this year. We are hard at work to expand the category of products beyond meals, with grocery and convenience products already available. Whether you’re ordering candles for your romantic dinner in, or hair products to complete your date-night look, the Uber Eats app has just about everything you need to make this year’s Valentine’s Day special,” said Charles Mhango, Head of Operations for Sub Saharan Africa at Uber Eats.