A Taste of Her Own Medicine Gone Wrong

After completing my studies, I got a job at a huge publishing company in Johannesburg. Being from Pretoria I couldn’t travel every day so I decided to rent a flat. The only good one I could find was a two-bedroom flat with a balcony, the view was to die for. So, I decided to rent it and my parents offered to help until I could find someone to share the flat with.

Luckily for me the very first week when I started work, there was someone who wanted a place to stay. She was also a new employee there and we were both in the same department. I told her about the flat, she was so relieved that she did not even want to check it out but to move in the very same day. I did not mind as when I was talking to her there was this positive vibe between us. So, when we knocked off work, I helped her move her stuff from the hotel she was staying into the flat.

After hours of moving and packing her things we were finally done and exhausted, so we decided to order some pizza for supper. I had a bottle of wine which we opened while waiting for the food to arrive. As soon as we opened the bottle, we started to trade stories about ourselves, the past, love life and a lot more. After that, it felt that I really knew her.

Days passed and she was not giving me any problems, well mainly because we were both so swamped in work we were hardly at the flat. Until one weekend where we were both around. I noticed during that weekend that she loves walking around the flat wearing a thong and top only. I never paid too much attention to it as she was doing her laundry that weekend, so I understood the situation. Until she now started doing it daily. I know it’s a girls’ flat but that’s just too much especially for a person who doesn’t stay alone. She didn’t even think twice about putting her clothes on when I had a male friend come over at the flat for a visit. It really made Him uncomfortable the whole time, so I really felt bad. When I confronted her about it, she told me that people should mind their own business and anyways she also contributes to the rent money so she can do whatever she wants.

She had a boyfriend back home in Durban. She was in a long-distance relationship and ever since she started living with me she has never brought the boyfriend over, she only mentions him in a few conversations and showed me his pictures. One weekend the boyfriend came over to our flat to visit and she didn’t even tell me that the guy was coming over. Everything was awkward on that day. The two love birds couldn’t keep their hands off each other, kissing and touching each other in front of me.

That Saturday night, they went out to party and came back so drunk around 02:00 am. I was still up as I was watching movies alone. When they entered, I was in the kitchen making popcorn while half-naked, wearing just an oversized top. My flatmate was too drunk, she went straight to bed and passed out. Her boyfriend, on the other hand, sobered up when he saw me. He was just staring at my long legs, I think that’s his fetish. Oh well, he followed his girlfriend to her room. After I finished making popcorn I went to my room and continued with my movies.

The following morning, I woke up and took a shower. Did what my flatmate always does “walk around in a thong”, went to the kitchen to make myself a decent breakfast and guess what? Breakfast presented itself to me. “Breakfast” whispered to my ear and asked, “Do you want me?” I turned back to look at my him, he had just finished showering he smelled so good, like a man. He was wearing short sweatpants. He came closer to me, making my butt touch his dick, I felt so weak. He asked, “should I leave you?” I quickly said “No” …. To continue with the article please download the Marvin Mag app on Apple Store and Android Google Play Store