Dirty Thoughts: What is Your Sexual Fantasy? Pt.1

We’ve been dating for about three months and I’ve been contemplating when to reveal some of my obscure sexual desires to him. So far he’s been able to take my insatiability. I’ve been wondering all evening if I should be brave tonight after our date night and bring to life the yummy sexual thoughts that I’ve been touching myself to all month?

“Do you want dessert” His deep, soothing voice interrupts my thoughts bringing me back to the reality that is the incredibly handsome snack sitting next to me with his hand on my thigh under the dinner table.

“No.” I reply and move his hand up to uMamthembu. He takes a deep breathe and smirks as I lead his middle finger to the opening of uMamthembu.

“Is she always wet?” he asks as he shoves his finger in.

“Only when you are in close proximity,” I reply as I inhale in response to the electricity that runs through my body as he pulls his finger out.

I grab his hand and put it right up to my face and deeply inhale my smell that’s all over his middle finger. I look him straight in the eye as I slide it into my mouth and wrap my tongue all around it.

“Do you wanna taste me real quick?” I say with his finger under my tongue

I don’t wait for him to answer. I grab the back of his head with my free hand while setting my fingers in between his black, thick, dreaded hair and I pull his face close to mine and I slowly shove my tongue into his mouth. I can feel his breathing quicken as he kisses back and nibbles on my lower lip.

“My whole body feels like its aching for you right now, I’m going to quickly head to the bathroom to compose myself. Please ask for the the bill” he says as he pulls back and quickly stands up.

This is a good time to text Anna I think. I get out my phone to tell her where my flat key is and how long it will take for us to get home. I really hope he doesn’t think I’m a sex crazed maniac when he finds out about this.

I see him walking down with the bill in his hand and I can’t help but stare and grin. He is a tall, dark slab of chocolate just walking. It’s still so hard for me to get over how gorgeous this man is. He stares right back at me with his sex eyes.

“I can’t wait to get you on my lap,” he says as he sits and handles the bill.

“We’re going to my place tonight kodwa, not yours,” I add. As soon as I say this I get a message beep. “We’re in position, see you now”

I start to feel my heart beat out of uMamthembu. I squeeze my thighs together to try curb the excitement happening down there. I grab his car keys and phones and tell him I’ll meet him in the car.

“Yum, ever so eager.” He says before he gives me a peck on the cheek.

I can’t help but contemplate if this is the right time to reveal the things I’ve been thinking of doing with him ever since that night we touched each other in my room. I feel so strongly for him in such a short period of time, and because of this I need to start unveiling these desires so that I know whether he’ll be open minded enough in this relationship. I need him to be and if he isn’t we’ve gotta cut ties early because I can’t compromise on my ‘lechery’, ever.

“Sesifikile, you’ve been so quiet and distant, I thought you’d have your tongue all over me on the ride home”, he says as he opens my door and infiltrates my thoughts.

I smile and hold his hand as we walk up the stairs to my flat. I can’t figure out if I’m excited or nervous.

He opens the door as he always does and walks in and he comes to a total stand still when he looks in. I walk in and close the door. Anna and her friend are seated just as instructed on the only brown couch in the lounge, naked, and staring in our direction.

I squeeze both his hands in mine and look at his forehead because I’m struggling to stare into his eyes. “I want us to try something different today. I want you to pick one of these girls. You can just point at one. You can feel them out first if you’d like. You can go as far as fingering them if you need to, but pick one” I explain. I let go of his hands and I quickly walk to the couch and sit in the middle of the two girls.

He seems shocked but I can never read his oval bearded face. He has such great composure…through everything.

“You want me to pick a girl? Why? What am I picking her for?” He asks

“Pick one that turns you on.” I answer.

“Are we having a threesome?” He asks with a perplexed look on his face.

“No, Mtungwa, just pick one of these women please. Don’t think about it too much.”

He walks to me and puts his hands on my thighs and kisses me passionately. I push him off and stare at him.

He looks at the women on either side of me. “Why are they both your body type?” He asks. I laugh and tell him how much he’s proved that he loves booty during our sex.

He steps to the left and looks at Anna first. Light in complexion with beautiful round busty breasts, a strong torso and a clean shaved vagina. He cups her breasts in his hand for a bit then moves to the right to the petite girl that is Anna’s friend. Dark skinned, beautiful round lips with eyes the size of the moon. He touches her small perky breasts, exhales and closes his eyes.

Anna tries to explain what her name is but I interrupt her before she gets to it explaining that we don’t need to know her name.

“I pick her” he says as he slides his left hand down to her bushy vagina. ‘Yeah, I pick her.” He repeats, pointing to moon eyes.

I smile and thank Anna and she gets up to go get dressed.

“So, if we not having a threesome. What are we doing? He asks as he tries to sit in between us.

“Don’t sit down I say” and as soon as I say that Anna steps into the lounge all dressed and walks out.

I walk to the corner of the lounge and I sit into the lotus position, making myself comfortable on the floor. I look at him and say, “I want her to undress you. I want you to caress her body and fuck her from the back. I will sit right here and watch you do it. I will not touch any of you. I want her to kiss your penis before you two fuck and I want to feel the passion in this room.”

His eyes have been getting wider and wider with every sentence I’ve uttered. He seems to have lost all the composure he’s ever had. “You want me to fuck another woman while you watch? What do you mean? Why? What do you get out of all this? I don’t understand” he says.

“Yes I want you to fuck her. She wants you to fuck her too. This will heighten my sexual desire for you. Please do this for me. Will you do this for me?”

Writer: The Big Booty Thug