A Case of The X’s. The new BMW X5 Competition and X6 Competition

It’s not every morning that a man is forced to choose between two of their favorite X’s. In this case, the difficult choice was between BMW’s X5 and X6 M Competition models, the flagships in the X range. Both third generation models were handed over to Marvin to test, and for us to answer the one question we always ask when BMW says they’re launching an improved version any car, particularly their M derivatives.

How are they going to improve on perfection?

The intention was to wait till the end of this review to answer this question, but here goes. The already perfect X5M and X6M have been improved upon, a perfect blend of speed, agility and sheer luxury. BMW has really set itself apart from its competitors with these two vehicles.

Most improvements on the cars lie beneath the hood, both models have a 4.4-litre V8 engine with M TwinPower Turbo technology. Delivering 460kw of power an improvement of 37kws from their predecessors. The cars come with an 8 speed M Steptronic Automatic transmission with drivelogic. In layman’s terms, these cars are obscenely rapid and propel from 0-100kms in 3,8 seconds. Not an easy achievement considering the fact that they both weigh a colossal 2,4 tonnes each.

In order to maximise on power outputs, drivers are provided with three options to suit their style Road, Sport and Track. To be honest, these cars are so powerful in the normal road setting, that one can’t help but wonder what the two other options are for. They are that quick. In track mode, one feels as if they are driving a super car, the X’s are truly capable.

Interior wise, expect to be cocooned in luxury with Merino leather seats, with a powerful surround sound system that comes with two screens for the rear passengers. Wifi is standard and the car automatically updates maps and traffic flow on the go. The trusted BMW on call service can be accessed without a phone, by simply pressing the SOS button placed just above the rear-view mirror.

So which of the two should the Marvin man go for?

At this level of buying practicality is ruled out automatically, so it really does come down to choice. The X5 is suited for a large family, as it is more spacious of the two, the rear seats are configured to accommodate three large adults with ample space between them. The load capacity gives it more credibility as a family cruiser.

The X6 on the other hand is also just as capable as a family car, its DNA is not really suited for family adventures however. This one is for the Marvin man who still wants enjoy the pleasure of a sports hatch and still have some room on the odd occasion he decides to share his space with his family.

Overall the X’s provide sheer driving pleasure and to be honest following a day on and off the track, these beasts are better suited to the track. This is where you will really enjoy true German engineering.

You need to be pretty liquid to get into one of these. Expect to pay R 2 605 900 for the X5M competition and R 2 707 200 for the X6M both being base models.

Ashley Moetlo