Are You Wearing The Right Condom Size?

Lindiwe Rasekoala, top sexual wellness coach, explains that wearing a condom doesn’t mean you’re throwing excitement in the bedroom out the window. There are tons of styles, sizes, and stats that prove condoms allow you to get wrapped up in fun. There is a lot more to wearing a condom than only for protection – condoms can take your lovemaking to the next level.

Purchasing a condom can be compared to buying a new pair of sneakers – fit, feel, and comfort level are of utmost importance. I am sure everyone can relate. Let’s start with size and fit. Does size really matter? Yes!! Research shows that many men are not wearing the right fit condom. So guys, leave your ego out of it! While it may be tempting to pretend, the reality is that choosing the right size is not only essential for protection but also to ensure maximum comfort and sensation for both partners. There are also other serious implications of wearing an ill-fitted condom. It goes without saying that protection is paramount, and one must always go for function over form. If you wear a condom that’s too big, there is an increased risk of the condom slipping off. Similarly, if you wear a condom that is too small, one can restrict blood supply, potentially contributing to erectile dysfunction. A condom should cover the entirety of the penis while leaving a little extra room at the top to hold any ejaculate. So yes, size most certainly matters.

Once you have the right fitting condom, it is important to try different textures, materials and designs of condoms, all offering something different. Ensure you choose the condom which gives you the best mix of fit, comfort and sensitivity. Let’s start with materials. Today condom materials include:

  • Latex, the most common condom material providing a strong, effective barrier against mingling bodily fluids).
  • Polyurethane, a type of plastic with condoms typically being looser fitting than latex but offer better heat transfer & a thinner barrier.
  • Polyisoprene (natural feel, non-latex, which is extremely soft and thin, offering strength, durability and optimum sensation
  • Lambskin is made from lamb intestines, are thin, durable and extremely expensive and don’t offer protection against STI’s). SKYN® (made from SKYNFEEL® for an ultra-natural feel), the World’s #1 Non-Latex condom brand and’s #1 selling condom, has just the right #SKYNFeel4U for you to #FeelEveryThingSA. Let’s explore what’s on offer!
  • SKYN® Extra Lube condoms are designed for an exceptionally sensitive and sensual feeling and enhanced comfort with extra lubrication to feel everything.
  • SKYN® 5 Senses condoms gives five of the finest SKYN® experiences to ignite your senses, a variety of 5 sensational SKYN condoms; 1 × Intense Feel – wave textured condom, 1 × Cocktail Club – Passion Daiquiri flavoured condom, 1 × Elite – premium thin condom, 20% thinner than the Original SKYN, 1 × Hot – condom lubricated with ‘warming gel’, 1 × Cool – condom lubricated with a ‘cooling gel’.
  • SKYN® Elite condoms are ultra-thin and ultra-soft condoms offering you the ultimate natural feeling. 20% thinner than SKYN® Original, it feels so soft and comfortable that you’ll barely notice wearing it, allowing you and your partner to feel everything.
  • SKYN® Intense Feel are intensely raised dots condoms with a wave design texture. The dots are placed on the most sensitive areas to maximise stimulation, sensation, and pleasure.
  • SKYN® Original condoms give a natural feeling experience with heightened sensitivity, made from SkynfeelTM, a technologically advanced, non-latex material proven to enhance stimulation, while being safe and suitable for people with latex allergy and latex sensitivity.
  • OUR NEWLY LAUNCHED, SKYN® Large Condoms giving a larger and longer option for a more comfortable and enhanced fit. So how will you know what is best for you? Well, the beauty of having a variety of SKYN® offerings allow you and your partner to find the right #SKYNFEEL4U SKYN® Condoms are available at all leading retailers –