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Are Black People F*N Up The Country?

A few weeks ago a friend and I had one of those news/newspaper sparked chats that most of us hate to have but end up having anyway. The one about the current state of the country. I even had the humorous version with my drunk as land sea horse ‘plane mate’, Charles on a flight. There’s really...


Living By The DNA Code: Do Not Assimilate

It is hard enough to be an African in a globe that does not genuinely see the continent’s value. It is even harder when we adopt worldly views and behaviourial patterns as if our own were a curse from the Gods, who obviously must be crazy! Africans, be. As an African, I have come to...


The ABC’s of Breasts

I struggled a bit to find the right words for this post. The subject matter should come quite easily to me considering I have a pair of my own. Initially thought it would be wise to start this off by giving you a definition of what breasts are, but none of the terminology; medical or...