The ABC’s of Breasts

I struggled a bit to find the right words for this post. The subject matter should come quite easily to me considering I have a pair of my own. Initially thought it would be wise to start this off by giving you a definition of what breasts are, but none of the terminology; medical or otherwise felt right.

I decided to get over myself put my best breasts forward and I asked my girlfriends to help me out on this post. I wanted to get some insight on the relationship or lack thereof they have with their breasts. I asked them 4 questions;

  1. Do you test your boobs regularly?*
  2. Do you like them?
  3. Would you ever consider changing them?
  4. Would you buy a pair and if so when/why?

I got the most amazing responses from my ladies. It became a brief journey of each of their boob tales. Irrespective of the sizes, they each have a unique relationship with their breast. Some of them are lucky enough to never have to wear a bra and considering that the majority of women worldwide wear the incorrect bra size. Another shared her account of how changes in life like having a child and breastfeeding, directly affects the look of her breast. She still loves them none the less.

My relationship with my boobies has been a bit complex. When I was a teenager I wanted them to be bigger, then I grew up and I found joy in my breasts. More recently our relationship has been a tad rocky, it’s not their fault really but I like my old boobs. You see I’ve lost quite a bit of weight all round and that includes my breasts. I’ve had to accept that my old boobs are gone and that I need to downgrade a cup size or so. In fact, apart from my nose, my breasts are by far my favourite part of my body. Breasts are sexy, from the way they look, they feel and how they evolve with you as you grow.

Some of us will struggle to find the right bra size and others will never know what this battle is about. Much like the buying clothes for your entire body, breasts are fun in that you get them to dress them up in their own outfits. Soft cups, under-wires, demi-cups, push-ups, sport bras, you name it; there is a bra for just about every occasion.

The one thing we should all have in common is the health of our mammary glands. Whether they are small and perky or big and bouncy, breast cancer can affect all of our boobs. 1 in 29 women in South Africa will be diagnosed with breast cancer. The good news is that if it’s detected early, there is a great chance of recovery. Which is why it is so important that every woman needs to examine her breasts and underarms regularly, every month to check for any changes? It’s a body part we are so intimate with yet so many of us take for granted.

Breasts are loved by the women who own them, the children who feed on them and the men the like to touch or make them. I thought I would share some interesting and equally amusing facts I found on the net about boobs.

  1. The average breast weighs 500 grams and contains 4-5% of the body’s fat.
  2. Breast swell up and get erect when aroused- just like a penis!
  3. The average breast size in South Africa currently a 34C
  4. Did you know that there is a size 38KKK (worn by the woman with the world’s largest implants)
  5. Breast milk is sweeter than Cow’s milk( apparently some grown-ups like drinking it. 0_O
  6. Smokers will have saggier breasts than non-smokers because of the chemicals in the cigarettes breakdown the body

From the A cup to the world’s largest breast size a 38 KKK, love your breasts. There is absolutely no shame in buying a pair if the need arises in your life. I’ll close this post off with the edited but lovely comments I received from my bookCLUB ladies.

“I love touching them, poking them, noting their shape and movement when I breathe, lie down, bend over, stand and the lovely little jiggle they do when ‘I have my love on top”

“They’re honestly the sexiest part of my body during the freaky dance, I’ve never slept with a man that didn’t show them due respect.” 

“…All boobs are good.”

“I love my boobs. Perfect size just over a handful” 

Writer: Nhlanhla Msimango