Conversation with Kutlwano Ditsele

We had an opportunity to have a chat with the Marvin kinda guy, he once said this on Instagram and we thought it would be a good idea to start a conversation with Kutlwano Ditsele …

No one ever goes out with the intention to produce bad work. Whether you are an accountant or a football player or a musician or an actor…. It’s harder when your work is displayed in public for all to see. It would be nice to see how all these other folks not in public eye are performing at work… Shout out to all the artists out there no matter what field who pour out their souls in to their work. Be it a commercial, a book, a song, stand up comedy what ever it is. It’s hard doing the work we do and having audience that will critique you is part of it. Some; like me, love it and I know there are others who take it to heart. Don’t let any of it get to you. Don’t let all the positive get to you too much and don’t let the negative get to you too much either… Stay challenged, stay hungry, stay foolish. Love what you do…

Marvin: What do you do for a living?

Kutlwano: I am a television Producer and Casting Director at Bomb Productions.

Marvin: We have seen the trailer for the new series Ayeye and we are impressed, how did Ayeye come about?

Kutlwano: Ayeye is a a show I originally wrote the concept for 6 years ago while I was living in a loft in Melrose with 2 of my friends Craig and Takunda at the time. Actually, they were living there, I was the squatter. I wrote it because I loved the dynamic of 3 friends navigating their 20’s trying their best not to be distracted by a city filled with nothing but distractions. I pitched the idea to several companies back then, and eventually after I joined Bomb; I showed it to Desiree Markgraaff, Angus Gibson and Teboho Mahlatsi who all liked it but we collectively felt it wasn’t the right time for it. As the years went by and my life stories increased, the stories started to build and when MNET put a brief out for a new drama series, we re-explored the idea and felt it would fit the brief, so we pitched it against other companies who also pitched to channel and we won.

Marvin: What is like to be a man in the modern day South Africa?

Kutlwano: I always say: Be glad you are young black and living in South Africa right now.” These are awesome times for me. The sad thing is that my personal life narrative is not the same for the average young black South African. There is a huge gap between those with opportunity and those without. As a young black man who has had opportunity, I am certainly loving being South African.

Marvin: As a producer, what are your views on TV platforms such as Netflix and Vidi?


Kutlwano: Everything evolves. This is simply the evolution of television. I am a big fan of change. I am a big fan of challenges. It is a great challenge to know that in the future, you will have to shoot all your episodes at a go and deliver them to the consumer so that they can be done at a pace of their setting. I think South Africa is a long way away from that but yeah, I am a “binge watcher” I want to watch all my episodes of my favourite show at one go so it will be great to one day make TV in that way.

Marvin: You are a father now, how is that going? And does having a daughter change your view/relationship you have with women?

Kutlwano:  I LOVE MY DAUGHTER. Hands down the best part of my life is her. It has changed me in the way that I engaged with my goals and priorities in that I have someone either than myself to work harder for. My view on relationships is pretty much the same. Be with someone that fulfils you and whom you do the same for otherwise there is no point. Never stay in a relationship because of circumstance. The mother of my child and I are really great friends even though we are not together romantically. She is an incredible mother and friend and unfortunately we could not stay together romantically but we are partners in raising our child and I do know that I am lucky to have a great relationship with her.

Marvin: Is your father still alive and do you have a relationship with him?

Kutlwano: My father is still alive. We do have a relationship although it is not as active as either one of us would like it to be but we are both trying. We pent 16 years apart. I did not see him from the time I was 5 until I was 21. I don’t hold any negative feelings towards my dad.  I need to find a path to a more active relationship and I know that we will happen.

Marvin: In your own words, what is the role of a man?

Kutlwano: The role of a man. Hmmm, I don’t know if my thoughts only relate to men. I can answer the role of being human. I believe that no matter what the setting is for your life, for as long as a human being has the will to follow whatever it may be that their heart tells them to do and they can wake up everyday to work at it, then they are living a meaningful life. For me a meaningful or successful life is not defined by tax brackets. For me, the role of a human being is waking up every day to contribute to the world in what ever gift or talent you have been given.

Marvin: Are you a traditionalist?

Kutlwano: To an extent, yes I am. I am not religious. I believe that there is something higher and greater but I do not believe in the church or a religion.

Marvin: Do you believe in ancestors?

Kutlwano: I do. As people we have so much spiritual energies. I can’t imagine that once we expire that it is the end.

Marvin: Do you know who Marvin is?

Kutlwano: Marvin is the guy I want to be when I grow up.

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