Styling The Office formal …

Office wear should honestly not be black OR grey straight formal suit in 2016! Like the saying goes “If you look good, you feel good and if you feel good you do great.” And that is exactly the kind of attitude you need when rocking your work outfit.

With the amazing designs and accessories available for men, this allows you to add life to your black suit. Being a stylist for Destiny Man allowed me to be exposed to amazing work by designers and stores that offer unique man style clothes, if one lesson I learned from this job is that; Men’s fashion should not be boring. Yes, it is easy to add color and bit of life to that black suit or grey suit.

Don’t forget that clothes differ in: Fabric texture/ Pattern/ Colour/ Fabric weight. Parkens Bien a Menswear influencer came up with a 2-1 rule which means “Two Solids and One pattern.” This simply means if the shirt and suit are plain and solid then the tie can be pattern or the other way around.

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 8.42.11 AM

Another classic style that has been around for years and keeps coming back into fashion, simply classic turtleneck with suit. For this coming winter, we have quit a cold winter in South Africa. We can keep warm in stylish manner, turtleneck with suit or blazer is best combination for winter. Forget a shirt for once and try replace it with the turtleneck and see how stylish it is. And you don’t need a lot of accessories with turtleneck just pocket square for your blazer.

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When it comes to accessories from my styling experience, in order to create just the right statement, simple clean statement is by having bold colours. This adds edginess and character to an outfit. The most important this is to find accessories that work for you and in colours that will match your suits or blazers in your wardrobe, always remember “Less is more.”

 Remember Tom Ford said “Dressing well is form of good manners.” Make sure you are a mannered gentleman in your work place.

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Till next time Banele Christopher.