12th Nov 2019

Brommon is a Premium Menswear Brand

Brommon is a premium menswear brand that offers made to measure garments that draws inspiration from disciplines that are deeply rooted in architecture and design. We believe in the power

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31st Jul 2019

Marvin X Versace Giveaway

This is for the Marvin man who is open to important conversations and understand the power of diversity and inclusion. He dresses well for formal and leisure at the same

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10th May 2019

Basic Shirts For The Marvin Man

Starched collar shirt, complimentary tie, polished shoes and today’s newspaper were the basic elements in my grandad’s formula for clout, well into his retirement. The man woke up

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12th Feb 2019

Marvin x Givenchy Gentleman Giveaway

Free by nature, devil-may-care at heart, the Givenchy gentleman lives by instinct. Spontaneity is his motto, freedom his philosophy. Intrepid and inventive, he makes his own laws. A cool and

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