6th September 2021

Threading Through The Pandemic: A

The year 2020 has been tumultuous for most people; to say the least. With the Corona Virus hovering over the world at large and thus halting plans, goals, business endeavours

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1st September 2021

Louis Vuitton Launches a Luxury

Luxury goods manufacturer Louis Vuitton has revealed details of its first bike collection, a collaboration with the Parisian manufacturer Maison Tamboite. The Louis Vuitton Bicycle is designed as a simple

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25th August 2021

Tiffany & Co.’s New Campaign

On Monday the Carters made several historic firsts as the stars of Tiffany & Co.‘s latest campaign; “ABOUT LOVE.” The visual which was shot by Mason Poole marks the first

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12th December 2019

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: Suits for

Cotton With a rich history spanning over five thousand years, cotton is one fabric with a story to tell. Dating back to the 1800’s, signs of its versatility were evident

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12th November 2019

Brommon is a Premium Menswear

Brommon is a premium menswear brand that offers made to measure garments that draws inspiration from disciplines that are deeply rooted in architecture and design. We believe in the power

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6th September 2019

Thebe Magugu LVMH Prize Winner.

PARIS, France — Thebe Magugu is the winner of this year’s LVMH Prize, marking the first time a designer from Africa has picked up the award. The 26-year-old designer, originally from

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26th August 2019

Polo South Africa Iconic Duffle

Polo was founded in 1976 by Gordon Joffe along with two former Monatic executives, Ronnie Lange and Freddie Barnet, and Stuart Shub from Rex Trueform. Gordon Joffe had previously headed

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11th August 2019

Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: Style Guide

The smell of freshly brewed espresso, the chimes of commuter bicycle bells, and the commotion from the Piazza del Duomo outside the Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore all characterise

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31st July 2019

Marvin X Versace Giveaway

This is for the Marvin man who is open to important conversations and understand the power of diversity and inclusion. He dresses well for formal and leisure at the same

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10th May 2019

Basic Shirts For The Marvin

Starched collar shirt, complimentary tie, polished shoes and today’s newspaper were the basic elements in my grandad’s formula for clout, well into his retirement. The man woke up early like

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