Louis Vuitton Launches a Luxury Bicycle Line With Maison Tamboite

Luxury goods manufacturer Louis Vuitton has revealed details of its first bike collection, a collaboration with the Parisian manufacturer Maison Tamboite. The Louis Vuitton Bicycle is designed as a simple road bike that invites curious riders, beginners, or experienced, to take it on an adventure. The bicycle also incorporates the Louis Vuitton monogram print in leather on the frame, seat, and luggage components with available options to monogram initials on the front end. The Louis Vuitton Bike Collection features an array of color combinations to ensure the perfect pick for everyone.

Maison Tamboite is a French house that has been manufacturing this product for more than 107 years. His first store was founded in 1912 on Rue Dulong, Paris, France. Their entire history has been marked by the way they make these products, since they do it in a traditional way, from the first to the last generation. All are handmade, made to order, and made to measure combining materials such as steel, leather, and wood. So, the LV Bike is not just any bicycle as it fuses exclusivity with luxury and craftsmanship. This model is based on that of the Maison Tamboite Paris, which has been enhanced with the characteristic style of Louis Vuitton

The bicycles are already for sale in the brand’s online store in four colors; red, blue, black, and yellow. It also has a brown leather covering with the Louis Vuitton monogram. But that’s not all, they are available in two different models. The first has a basket in front, while the second has a diamond painting on the back.

Writter: /PP.Selolo