Brommon is a Premium Menswear Brand

Brommon is a premium menswear brand that offers made to measure garments that draws inspiration from disciplines that are deeply rooted in architecture and design. We believe in the power of lines and their ability to create, hide and enhance. We believe every fabric fold holds a story and with each client comes a plot twist worthy to unfold, hence our commitment to providing more than a premium product but also an unforgettable experience.

With flagships stores in both Lagos and Accra, we have successfully built a network of esteemed clients through our quarterly trunk shows. Our trunks show traditionally kick starts with a sip and fit event that hosts an average of 80-100 invited guests as they are treated to a presentation on the anatomy of a suit and have the luxury of interacting with our in house tailors.

We believe the most rewarding stories between a client and a tailor definitely had a glass of alcohol in the detail if you peek a bit further. A glass of the finest liquor is a customary greeting during a consult with a tailor, talking button stance and lapel sizes over swatches of fabric with a glass
of the finest are the quintessential imagery of a perfect fitting. As part of our expansion model we have borrowed a page from this custom by way of
our ‘’sip and fit’’ event where invited guests to have the luxury of being in a room of likeminded gentlemen who don’t detach premium from their
liquor or garments.