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Threading Through The Pandemic: A Floyd Avenue Story

The year 2020 has been tumultuous for most people; to say the least. With the Corona Virus hovering over the world at large and thus halting plans, goals, business endeavours and most importantly, a throng of people’s livelihoods. Covid19 has evoked uncertainty and panic worldwide; with detrimental fatalities peaking at astronomical figures. Amidst the chaos...


Rebuilding Your Wardrobe: Suits for Summer (Part 2)

Cotton With a rich history spanning over five thousand years, cotton is one fabric with a story to tell. Dating back to the 1800’s, signs of its versatility were evident when the British army, wanting to blend in with their surroundings, switched out from their traditional redcoats in favour of this


Brommon is a Premium Menswear Brand

We believe in the power of lines and their ability to create, hide and enhance. We believe every fabric fold holds a story and with each client comes a plot twist worthy to unfold


Marvin X Versace Giveaway

Tell us what makes you a Marvin man and you could win Versace Eros Flame fragrance for men? Download the Marvin App, Register and Comment on the App and you could Win one of the Versace fragrance.