…The Gods have left; welcome home, God…

Thank you, for the orgasms, My Chemical Romance.


No, not ear-orgasms… whatever that actually is …

…I swear this New Age punk-junk will soon obliterate the human race…

I am not talking about the ear stuff; I am talking about the real deal. I am talking about the sort, of orgasm, which leaves you convulsing like an exhilarated Bulimic, having passionately refereed the toothbrush – larynx battle; basking in the delight of vomit well-purged. I am talking about the sort of convulsions experienced by a raging epileptic, on Ecstasy. That is the type of orgasm which I am talking about. And I thank you, My Chemical Romance for that type of orgasm.

Thank you too for letting me know that it is alright to let those who hurt you go, even when you love them , have loved them, with all that you are and all that you have; even when you have felt and said what you never thought you would, could:‘asleep or dead’.

Ultimately, thank you for reminding me that the lessons which our fathers teach us as young girls and boys stay with us even when our fathers are no longer with us; and that it is those lessons which help us march bravely through life’s ‘Black Parade’…indomitable.

I am sorry that you have found yourselves acceding to the Fat Lady’s aria; I am sorry that you have called it a day. I don’t hold any of this against you, however, as you have left me with an incredible Body of Heart: your 2006 recording and offering, ‘The Black Parade’. It is simply, Heart – and perhaps even soul- placed on polycarbonate plastic!

Legend has it… how apt, that I should use ‘Legend’ here… Legend has it that the album, ‘The Black Parade’, was originally to be called ‘The Rise and Fall of My Chemical Romance’

… And here, I hear the churning of the wheels of that train of irony; that train which is never late, never late because life just is that way: ironic…

‘The Rise and Fall of My Chemical Romance’ was a reference, a ‘borrowing’, if we may, from ‘The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars’; yes, David Bowie’s ‘Ziggy Stardust’.  The irony here, well… as I have established it, is that as the rockers of My Chemical Romance bow out, Bowie curtsies back in…alas, sans his boas this time around.

Bowie is back, from his hiatus, from his rumoured death. He is back for another day, to see the next day, the next era. He is back with his fittingly entitled album, The Next Day; released at the beginning of March, 14 days before My Chemical Romance’s last march out.  14 days … 7×2 …I’m just kidding! Bowie is back, asking us: ‘Where are we now?’ Although it rings more like him asking himself where he has been and reminiscing about days long past …of course it’s all very magnificent; it is heart; it is soul; it is veins, it is all that in a way which can be defined , described only as F*CKING ROCK N ROLL! Bowie is certainly BACK.

In making the connection, the My Chemical Romance – Bowie connection, I immediately thought of the proclamation: ‘The King is dead; long live the King’…but somehow it felt… wanting. It wasn’t quite enough, it didn’t quite encapsulate the occurrence; it didn’t quite declare it.

And then a friend mentioned Robbie Fowler’s 2006 Anfield homecoming; his return to ‘Welcome home, God’ greetings, banners and headlines. And then I thought to myself:  well, that’s it! That is the expression, the declaration which I have been looking for. And that perhaps I could take blasphemous liberties. I mean surely if Liverpool hasn’t suffered the fate of Sodom and Gomorrah, then I too may be spared….I may live to see, the next day.

Welcome back, God.

They say that nothing lasts forever but I have a feeling that when all is over … when this world has been folded, rolled up, like God’s praying mat; when even the cockroaches have been annihilated – along with Cher … Bowie will remain. Perhaps, looking more like Angie rather than himself but he will remain.

As will Rock n Roll

…The Gods have left; welcome back, God.

Writer: Nomfundo Shezi