Always Be Grateful …

Life is full of BLESSINGS, but most of us fail to acknowledge all the things that are going right in our lives. Some always play the victim card. I use to blame my poor background for not succeeding in life. For a long time that was my EXCUSE. Some are always standing on the complaint counter, finding people and things to blame for their misfortunes. Truth is…we are all facing some sort of challenge in our lives, be it searching for employment, financial difficulty, health, broken relationships and so forth. However we are not short of BLESSINGS either.

Think of the AMZING GIFT of life…. The people we love past or present that have been part of our life’s journey… If u get your daily bread consider it a BLESSING because some have none… Even if you don’t like your job…consider it a BLESSING, someone is looking for such an opportunity… Be GRATEFUL for every cell in your body that works 24:7 to keep you functioning… There’s a lot to be grateful for, so much that I cannot even mention all. I encourage you to DELIBERATELY FOCUS on the POSITIVE things in your life, HOPE and WORK towards improving your situation. Pay more attention on what YOU HAVE than what you lack. I’m not saying that by doing this all your problems will disappear but you will be a HAPPIER person. Once you have that POSITIVE outlook in life, you’ll begin to look for SOLUTIONS instead of problems. You might even attract POSITIVE people that will add value to your life because it’s so pleasant to be around you. So CHEER UP and HAVE FAITH that ALL things are POSSIBLEALWAYS BE GRATEFUL!!!

Writer: Zanele Dladla