StyleStories: New York Minute …

“The most important part of my day is breakfast. Aside from the meal, that is when I take a moment to read my newspaper, check my emails and plan my day. I take the business I’m in very seriously because I’m inspired by the culture of dressing up. Its where we come from, historically as people of color in South Africa. I feel like nowadays men here don’t care about what they wear, or how they look. This is why I am creating a brand that will be able to influence a generation of men to dress up again. I believe when you look good, you feel good and attract amazing things.”

“I come from a tradition of well dressed men. I remember my grandfather dressed up in double-breasted jackets and hats all the time. Every day was an occasion for him to wake up and dress up. That’s where I get my inspiration from – my culture, my history. When I look at pictures of my parents, grandparents and great grandparents – they took their image seriously because that’s all they had. That’s what made them feel like they can conquer the world despite the color of their skin.”

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Photography: @gugulethu.graphy for @sungutii

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