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This Is Not An Act Of Ego

*Kabomo speaking to Kabomo at 03:17 in the morning. This is not an act of ego. This is an act of self love. Shut up… I am trying to save myself here. I stand in front of a mirror as the sun peaks above the skyscrapers and utter these words to myself. Then I quickly […]

The Social Game Changer …

Aah yes, the Social Game Changer. One of the most fascinating aspects of modern sociology. It is, however, not a foreign concept. We have all witnessed the effects, maybe even you yourself have taken up the role at one point. Let me give you a scenario. The setting can be any type of social get […]

A. Designed. Life. (Part 2)

NORMAL/ BORING After a night of revelry with his boys, Ms. P is ripe for the picking. she spends the night, is treated to a lovely breakfast in bed and a follow-up day of shopping, coffees in street cafes, bumping into friends with introduction, promises and plans for diner and lunches for weeks to come. A couple of […]

Letting Go. Celebrate Life.

Ever since I can remember I’ve played the responsible role. In every situation and every relationship. I gained independence from a very young age, something which happens to kids who start making money too early. To me, failure was never an option, it still isn’t. Sometimes I catch myself wishing for less in order to […]

A. Designed. Life. (Part 1)

THE INTEREST Mr. K walks into the restaurant to meet his brothers for brunch. He is wearing his customary navy sports jacket, navy slim fit chinos, brown brogues a t-shirt and a pink pocket square to add a pop of color to his weekend ensemble. He walks past a table of fresh faced ladies. all […]

The Benefits of Sleep

Today we are going to focus on resting and rejuvenating this gorgeous organ. Two things are important when it comes to resting your brain, i.e. the quality and quantity of your sleep. I don’t know about you, but for me, anxiety, resulted in hectic bouts of insomnia that left me feeling helpless and even resentful. […]

Orphaned — Perpetually bereaved

Somehow, you know it when you are engaging in pillow talk with someone who you have no business having pillow talk with: it is characteristically awkward… there is no intimacy and rather than being relaxed, minds are racing with a million different ideas of getting out. But pillow talk is polite, and manners never killed […]

I Am. Raising A Young Man

This month marks eight years since I first became a mother and boy oh boy have I had the time of my life! I am brutally honest about the journey that is parenting as I believe that we have to be honest about all aspects and not only the cute smiles and Instagram worthy pictures […]

Nairobi Nights: The Entertainment Industry.

I told another group that the sex trade is up there with production houses, publishers and Hollywood, because we are all in the entertainment industry. The girl on the Street is now shoulder to shoulder with Avril, Muthoni the author and Tanya. We are all entertainers. Or is it? Gone are the days when a […]

Baby Daddy Part 5 (Finale)

“…sometimes to go as you expected with a pregnancy and then you have to seriously consider termination”, these are the gynecologists words after a routine scan when my girlfriend was about 6 months pregnant. What? Huh? Please note that this dude just said this out of the blue. “Terminate? Why would we do that?” I […]