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Dirty Thoughts Live Pt.1

We’ve been dating for about three months and I’ve been contemplating when to reveal some of my obscure sexual desires to him. So far he’s been able to take my insatiability. I’ve been wondering all evening if I should be brave tonight after our date night and bring to life the yummy sexual thoughts that […]

My Impressions at the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show

I had the pleasure and honour of being a judge at the prestiguos Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show at the Grand Roche Hotel. Wine Supremo Michael Fridjhon is the founder and Chairman of the Old Mutual Trophy Wine Show. He founded this wine competition in 2001. The judging took place from the 30th April to […]


Trust lived in the dark and tempting ages where man was lured to gnaw at the forbidden fruit, which the slithering snake crawled around it as if it were a skeeming ribbon. See trust lived for years and years. He actually hogged our lives’ Oxygen for many eons. Many fell for the robes that Trust […]

Swizz Beatz Pop-Culture through Collaborative Influence with a Cause

Swizz Beatz pop-culture through collaborative influence with a cause With a career spanning two decades, the 2010 BET producer of the year Kaseem Dean (Swizz Beatz) has risen to become an iconic figure and a change-maker in the fashion and lifestyle industry. Fusing worlds, cultures and brands through the art of collaboration as he pioneers […]

The Day I Met Marvin …

I recall the day I met Marvin, in Greenside, Johannesburg. He was regular but there was a regal air about him. We share a common taste of laager. The conversation was sparked by complimenting his time-piece. By end of the day it was like we’d known each other forever. We spoke of everything under the […]

Adila Chowan

A chartered accountant with almost 18 years of experience, who had previously acted as both a CFO & CEO and served as a board member of approximately 7 companies, was overlooked for a CFO position at AMH. Even though highly qualified, Adila Chowan was reduced to being identified as a “female employment equity” candidate while […]

The Meaning of Life.

If I spend one more minute trying to answer that blerrie question no one’s really been able to answer since… hmm… err… Let’s see, I think it’s almost FOREVER to the day now, I will have the contemplative part of my brain surgically removed. What is life? Or, what is the purpose of life? For […]

Bare Minimum

So now he’s managed to convince you that he’s not just there for a hit and run, I mean, he definitely called to see you again and it was great. You have moved on from the anxiety that comes with meeting someone new, where you are not sure whether he will call you back or […]