Conversation with Loyiso Madinga

Q:What do you do for a living?  I’m a comedian, writer, struggling actor and dreamer.

Q:What is like to be a man in the modern day South Africa?  To be a man in modern day South Africa is to be a man in any place during any era where men have existed. It is to hold the age old ideals of family and community. It is to find purpose in one’s work and endeavour to leave the world a better place than it is. The world may change but what is required of us as men, as human beings stays the same.

Q: Do you know what Feminism is about and do you think everyone else knows what it actually means?  I’m learning to be a feminist. We all need to be right now. One day there’ll be no need for feminism but for now it’s more than necessary.

Q: You have reinvented yourself before, can you please explain why you needed to do that?  Reinvent is the wrong word. I’ve given into myself. We sometimes fight who we are because we are scared of being different. It was when I gave in to who I am that life revealed it’s most beautiful side to me for I no longer feared that I am “powerful beyond measure”.

Q: What is your relationship with women?  Most of my friends are women. I think this is because I prefer their honesty to my male friend’s egos. I suck at the dating women part, though. It’s not them. It’s me.

Q:Is your father still alive and do you have a relationship with him?  My father is still alive and we have a good relationship all things considered.

Q:Are you a traditionalist?   Traditionalist? I don’t know about that. I try to learn from everything around me and take the bits that resonate with who I’m trying to be.

Q:Do you believe in ancestors?  Ancestors? It’s complicated. I guess as far as my spirituality goes I don’t try to ask too many questions. I just ry to listen. When we take the time to be still and just listen god, the universe, ancestors or whatever you want to believe in will guide you. I’m here to live so I’m trying to do that well. Worrying about afterlives and heavens and stuff is a waste of time. We spend too much time looking to the skies and miss all the blessings around us. 

Q:D you know who Marvin is?  Marvin? Marvin is a friend of mine. Anyone who is willing to look at themselves critically and grow can be a friend of mine.

Photographer: Itumeleng Mthetwa