The Woman Every Man Needs …

”This is a salute to the woman that every man needs,
The woman who was there before everything…”


The one who opened the door at 4am, again,
And didn’t ask a single question,
Because she knew you were not proud
Of the dark path your ambitions made you walk.

Before you bought mom the big house,
The one who was there when mom called,
To say thank you for her beautiful gift you sent,
When you had forgotten it was her birthday.
Before the entourage,
The one who could see through your friends,
When you couldn’t see past your friends.
Before the Platinum Cards,
The one who came dressed up and
Took a whole ten minutes going through the menu,
Knowing well that there was only one thing you could afford there,
And she ordered it,
And smiled


Before the critics,
The one who tried to read the books,
Go through the sites or listen to the music,
Not that she wanted to,
But because she wanted to have more to say than just, “oh, that’s nice…”

Before the 2 door coupe,
When she counted the coins,
To make sure you had enough for the taxi

Before you name was written in lights,
When you couldn’t keep the lights on,
But her eyes glowed in the candlelight.

Before the multiple properties,
The one who helped you switch off the light and lock the doors,
When yet another bright idea failed.


Before the angelic groupies,
The one who showed you your demons,
And held your hand as you faced them.

Before every one knew your name,
The one who spoke about you dreams,
Like they were hers.

Before the sunrise,
On that long night, that long, dark night
That seemed like it would never end,
She was there, helping you count the stars.

Before the three piece Armani,
When she ironed pop’s last gift to you


Before the corner office,
When, again, with bloodshot eyes,
You put scraps of business plans into a brown envelope, again,
And she saw a CEO walk out the door.

Before you came bursting through the doors, eventually,
Bearing gifts, kids running into your arms,
The one who had to answer when confused little minds asked;
“Why doesn’t papa want to be with us anymore?”

She did this without ever losing herself or her identity,
Because she knew that, she too, was with the one,
The one who was there before everything.

Ladies, sometimes you don’t know, sometimes we don’t say it,
But sometimes, you are the most powerful presence in your man’s life

On behalf of every man who’s ever had someone believe in them,
Thank You!


Writer: Vus Ngxande

Photographer: Khumbelo Makungo