Witness The Thickness …

Witness the thickness.

Every curve of her body tells a different story. Appreciated by many but only truly loved by few. Walking down the streets she rolls her eyes and the predicted wolf whistles follow her. Ever so often she catches the usual side comments from some members of #Teamskinny calling her little on the heavy side.Then just as quick some dude steps in to correct those that think they know.

“Nah shorty ain’t heavy; she’s thick just like my type of women should be.”

For a short period of my life I lived in the States and that’s when I was introduced to the term thick. All along I had to contend with occasional reference to my ATM, but being called thick was completely new to me. For a while I wasn’t too sure whether to be offended or to take it as a compliment. Soon enough I was released from my internal battle and I’ve come to appreciate the compliment that comes with being referred to as thick.

Again this terminology differs from town to town around those parts. In the southern region of the United States you may hear the occasional reference of being thick like corn bread or if you are truly gifted, being the proud of owner of a Judy. Before I get ahead of myself perhaps let’s take a look at the definition according to urbandictionary.com


1. A woman that has a natural rack and juicy thighs.

Hey thickness I need you to pick me up from the airport. Beyonce,Ashanti,Mya,Serena Williams…..

2. When a woman has a Huge Ass and Thick body.

David said “That girl got Thickness!”

So I’ve got this friend and she has what is referred to as a Judy. Narrow waist, a curvy bottom, and it practically has a life of its own. She’s not the only one; I have a few friends who are equally as gifted. If you are lucky enough to catch us on the street, you’d be forgiven for shouting out #getthickordietrying. My memory is a bit sketchy about when we started calling her ass Judy, but I do know that it’s after we saw the same refer to a character in the film ATL that had T.I and Lauren London. Sometimes I wish I had a derrière like that, I am always in awe of how mesmerizing it is.

You’ve got to love the female form and just how magical it is. The sway of the hips so sexy like a love letter written in cursive, the tales that lay behind her brown eyes or how it seems like her legs keep going on and on. I love my curves and the older I get I appreciate them even more. I especially like that little dip between the lower back and my backside. I’m on some journey of reinvention and in an ideal world I’d have Sofia Vergara’s body. LAWD *fans self*

I was and still am a huge fan of King Magazine now that was ass for DAYS. The likes of Angel Lola, Buffy the Body and so many more. I mean some of those body dimensions seem like they are out of this world. I’ve gotten nothing on those women, but surely being a 34-32-34 isn’t a bad achievement in life? Mind you I have been on a mission of getting fitter over the past year, so I am marginally smaller than I was a year or two back.

Mopako, thickness, curvy, coke bottle body or whatever tickles your fancy I am a proud member of this society. It’s a part of who I am and yes you might catch me checking myself out in the mirror from time to time. Starting a gang baby, rolling deep and if you don’t know I think perhaps maybe you should WITNESS THE THICKNESS!!!

Writer: Nhlanhla Msimango