Modern Classic Man

So Karston and I were chatting and we both decided to start getting more artistic and creative for photoshoots. It’s way to easy get caught up in the normal routine of taking “blogger” photos that I think we start loosing some of our creativity. So with that being said we decided to shoot at the pier which was so beautiful and quiet, it was the perfect environment to just break away from the bustling city.
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
Hats – B.M Franklin
Glasses – ZeroUV
Shirt – Haberdash men
Watch – Thread Etiquette
Sweater – Boohoo
Tie – Grand Frank
Belt – Upton Belt
Pant – Cremieux
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
I added some brown accessories into the mix for a subtle contrast, but overall clean and fresh look. I always like to add optical glasses for that extra touch of elegance.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven OnojaStevenO OnojaSteven Onoja
Talking Style with the OG
Steven Onoja
The days are quite hot but the nights are very cool and social, hence why I decided to wrap a sweater around my neck. It is a lot preppier then my traditional style, as for the outfit I paired this beautiful sweater from Boohoo: B.M. Franklin with a cashmere pants from cremieux (seen here) Really starting to dive into autumn head first.
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
The ‘modern Classic man’ will always be in the wheelhouse come Autumn seasons because of it’s comfort, colors and of course the masculinity. “Masculinity? what does that matter”? Well a lot of men are afraid of wearing Hats, sweaters and even scarves apparently. I present to you this fun yet realistic outfit for the ‘guy’s guy’. All you need is a fitted vest and one of the shirts you already own. pair them together with some simple trouser and boom. that’s it. accessories are the easy part- wear anything brown.
Steven OnojaSteven Onoja
Steven Onoja
I can’t stress enough how important it is for every man to have a good pair of versatile pants this season. I typically go for a darker color because it’s easier to style with more pieces (trust me on this one) dark grey goes with just about EVERYTHING.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven Onoja
Photo by: Karston Tannis
Location: Pier 40