Conversation with Mobi Dixon …

THE career of East London DJ Mobi Dixon is about to reach new heights now he’s signed a deal with nationally renowned music company Soul Candi. The company has some of the country’s hottest DJs and producers in its stable, among them Lulo Cafe, DJ Mbuso, Crazy White Boy and RJ Benjamin.  via Dispatch

We had a conversation with Mobi DIxon …

Q: What is like to be a man in the modern day South Africa?
We have our economic challenges but I feel we have it better than our previous generation which had limited opportunities.

Q: How has technology changed music and how we consume music?
Technology has made it easier to produce quality music with limited budgets due to the power of software and these plugins have pioneered an evolution of synthetic sound. In terms of consumption it has made worldwide distribution easier and more cost effective with the minimising of physical costs.

Q: Do you know what Feminism is about and do you think everyone else knows what it actually means?
For me it refers to women that are liberal and stand for their rights and their deserved space in society. I think most people confuse it with independent women.

Q: Please tell us more about your latest album.
My album is titled Tribal Soul and has the smash hit City Rains and Love Colour Spin. It depicts a sound that identifies with my DJing and production style. This style encompasses elements of jazz, rnb, Afro soul and traditional ethic music into dance music.

Q: What are your thoughts on streaming music?
It’s definitely the future medium of choice for music consumers but is still ahead of its time in South Africa. Until we have improved bandwidth and cheaper Internet distribution it will still be a challenge for it to appeal to the masses.

Q: In your own words, what is the role of a man?
A person who takes full responsibility of their life and anyone else they bring into that space like a wife or a child. A person who strives to make difference in society and stand by a set of morals and values.

Q: Are you a traditionalist?

Q: Do you know about the Vodacom Deezer Streaming service?
Yes my music is available there.