I Like It In The Dark …

“Bring on the night, couldn’t stand another hour of daylight”, this was a dope house joint way back. I love the night. There so much that can be said about how things change the minute the sun hits the deck. A single hour in the dead of night contains more truth than the entire day under the brightest sun.

One of the main reasons why I love nighttime is that I work so much better. The clarity of thought. The unflinching focus. Its like the darkness cleaned up your desk and made you a nice cup while massaging you as you work. Most of my best work I do after midnight 😉 I’m distracted by less and have less to think about except that which I’m busy with. It’s actually been proven that in certain jobs, working at night works out better. Something to do with the brain being too tired to be distracted.

But the main reason is that I don’t think there is a time when you are more honest with yourself than in the middle of the night. I think it has got to do with there being no one to be anything to. There is not a single expectation to be or do anything other than that which you are. Your sh*t is laid out in front of you like a wedding outfit.

I also think its interesting how partying or clubbing works better in dim lights. The minute the lights come on, the party is over. You are more willing to dance with a stranger on a dark dance floor than even look in their direction during the day. Are we friendlier in the dark? More tolerant, when we know we are safe? Like we can exercise abandon. Bigger gulps of F* It Juice. Maybe it has to do with helping us accept our darker selves.

The night seems to exaggerate a lot of things. I’ve found that if I am happy or excited about something, I am stupid ecstatic about it during the night. There are people who can handle their lives perfectly well during the day but they have to drink themselves to sleep. Your demons will feast on you like an apple-mouthed pig.

Who you are in the dead of night is who you truly are. For a lot of people, the night can be a very haunting time. To the point where they can’t sleep with the lights off. That’s when you know you have issues. Unless your are 5. They say its always darker just before the sun rises. For me being awake for a certain period in the middle of the night is a very necessary routine. I deal with sh*t better, you know. I wake up and things are subconsciously in place. For me, the night is a constant reminder that I’m not perfect, and that’s fine.