Lets Celebrate …

Waking up 20 minutes before your alarm. That cup of coffee that turned out just right and that smile in the mirror that says ‘I got this’.

6 green robots in a row, the 100 bucks you bust in a jacket you haven’t worn in months and the mall parking ticket you don’t have to pay.

Seeing that one person you always have fun crushing on but have no intentions of ever approaching. And they be looking fresh, rocking that smile you like.

Music, lyrics, shuffle and the songs that know your name and what you are going through.

Looking dapper, smelling hella and killing a presentation even before you even walk into the room.

5 o’clock on Fridays, the first sip of an icy, sweaty thing and the sun bouncing off your stunners just right got you looking fly. The wind that can’t move a feather and the small things we work so hard for.

Buzzing, Call Backs and that person you always call first, when anything good or bad happens, and they always answer.

That stranger you just had such a profound conversation with. Like they were embodied by the spirit of an old friend.

The random memory of a friend that passed away that just pops in your head and leaves you in stitches.

Trust, forehead kisses, long mornings in bed and her ass peaking under your t-shirt. Seeing the beauty of the love someone has for you as it dances like dots of light in their eyes.

The car accident you just nearly had, airbags, ABS, Jesus’ name and knowing life could really be worse.

Smiles, kind words and the hold her by the waist type hug. Not that diagonal crap.

Clients who pay.

Stretch denims, cellulite-nyana and the little boep that no dude actually minds. Seriously, we don’t.

Saturday mornings, they are like a side chick. Sunday afternoons, they are like the main chick.

Quiet moments alone, headphones and talking to yourself out loud.

Old folk, new technology and those SMS’s from your aunt that you can’t read.

True love, couples that give us hope, bachelor parties and sh*t that’ll never be spoken about.

2 Minute Noodles, Oros and the water bottle that always shows you that “for richer for poorer” love when you open the fridge

Saaz hops, Jesus juice and a table full of retards. Secret languages, nicknames and laughter that chokes you half to death. Rare moments when water is thicker than blood.

Bathroom mirrors and cellphone cameras. Peace signs, pouts and the high angle boobie shot. Tag a dude.

Friendzones with blurry lines. The not quite a friend, not quite an acquaintance but still cool to kick it with type of folk.

Smiley faces, the WhatsApp smiling poop with the eye, BBM straight face and whole conversations spoken with emoticons.

Uncles who are like fathers, fathers who are like friends, friends who are like brothers, brothers who are like Clark Kent and that guy from the Brothers For Life Ad who giggles about circumcision.

Social networks, the block button, facebook’s random as sh*t friend suggestions and knowing awesome people exist in this world.

Long distances, cellphones, brotherhoods and dudes you hardly ever see but know that they always have your back.

Family, prayer, God’s love and knowing that, eventually, everything is going to be ok.

Writer: Vus Ngxande     Photographer: Gugulethu