16th September 2020

Why Everything That’s Supposed To

A few weeks ago, a friend asked me to write something on letting go. ‘Sure thing,’ I said without hesitation. After all, letting go sounds like an easy enough topic,

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27th March 2020

Forgiveness Takes Time. Healing is

Billy Chapata once said, “Healing is not an overnight process. Wounds will reopen, wounds will close, but always allow yourself to feel what you feel, it’s okay.” We are consumed

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29th November 2018

I Had Testicular Cancer Twice.

Testicular cancer is extremely common. In fact, it is the most common type of cancer in men ages 15-39, is as prevalent in young men as breast cancer is in young women, with

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24th July 2018

Food: Leg Of Lamb Roast

There are few meals as impressive as a roasted bone-in-leg of lamb. Even though it’s surprisingly easy to prepare. Many home cooks find it a challenge. It’s early in the

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8th July 2018

Food: Carrot & Smoked Paprika

It bothered me that when I thought of a vegetarian risotto I thought, “mushroom and peas.” It had me by the tits! I honestly thought, it’s a safe choice. So

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6th March 2018

The Benefits of Sleep

Today we are going to focus on resting and rejuvenating this gorgeous organ. Two things are important when it comes to resting your brain, i.e. the quality and quantity of

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15th January 2018

Rapid Lifestyle Changes Responsible For

The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that the prevalence of cancer in developing countries will increase by around 60% before 2021 due to rapid lifestyle changes. Developing countries such as

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23rd February 2017

Health Risks Of Chronic Masturbation

The Very Real Risks Of Too Much Solo Time, Revealed. You might not give a second thought to your masturbation, that private habit that relieves tension, makes you forget about

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13th February 2017

Morning Rituals To Change Your

Morning Rituals That Will change Your Life Mornings are not easy. We wake up and, immediately, the grind begins. We have somewhere to be, whether it's school or work. We

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10th January 2017

Five Pre-Workout Foods

Before talking about what we should eat before a workout, what about not eating at all? A popular fat-burning strategy is to exercise first thing in the morning on an

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