Top 10 Things I Can’t Live Without in The New Year

I can’t live without these little guys. I’ve had them for over a year now and I don’t understand how I survived before, what I enjoy with regards to AirPods is that I can make and receive calls with my phone being in the other room. I will get a replacement pair probably this year, maybe the black ones or just wait for the 2020 model to be released. The next generation should be announced this month.

Polo Duncan Stretch-Shirt 
One thing a man must never be short of is a good crisp white shirt and I found the perfect one at Polo. The way the shirt hugs your body on the sides is incredible, I need another one just so that they can last even longer. You can never have enough white shirts as a man and also, there is something about a clean crisp white shirt with just a logo on your chest. The Polo shirt is as comfortable as if it were tailored for me.

Givenchy Fragrance 
I love this fragrance, it smells like a free man who is bold, yet sophisticated and even though I’m not big on fragrances I know when something fits with my lifestyle and this is it. It’s definitely a fragrance that Marvin would wear. I like smelling good and the impact it has on my confidence, Givenchy is a keeper.

Armani Wrist Watch 
This is my favorite wristwatch at this point and I’ve once dropped it and it the glass screen cracked. Funny thing is, that’s the one thing that makes me love the watch even more. Other than it being a good, simple, yet elegant watch, one can wear it with anything from a suit to jeans or even shorts at the beach.

Phillips Air Fryer 
This is my go-to place when it comes to cooking anything quick when I am home and my lady doesn’t feel like cooking. I love making ribs with the Phillips Air Fryer, it’s healthier to use as well since it doesn’t require oil or anything other than hot air to cook your food. I want to experiment with healthier choices of food and see how that works out.

Marvin Duffle Bag 
For those two or three days of travel, this is essential for the modern man. I personally hate checking in my language unless its an overseas trip but for local, I use the Marvin duffle bag and it works. It is made of genuine leather and it will be available online this year.

Igorha Kingsman Beard Grooming 
Since I started growing my beard I’ve struggled to get the right products. There are also not many products that deal with black men’s beards until Bongane from Igorha Kingsman Beard came to the office to drop off their products and I was hooked, especially to the beard oil. The package also came with the comb that helped with making my beard shine.

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight – Nike Story 
I started reading Shoe Dog by Phil Knight the founder of Nike. I was always told that I need to read the book and finally last December I was able to do and I couldn’t put the book down. It’s well written and easy to get excited about the journey Phil takes building this brand. One interesting thing is that Adidas at the time was bigger than Nike and when you look at Nike today, as the biggest shoe brand this gives you hope that nothing is impossible and it’s doable in your lifetime.

Vaseline Products 
Vaseline Men Extra Strength lotion does the job for my skin and I find it convenient that I can also use the dry skin lotion for winter and then use the cooling for summer. The one that I can’t live without is the Face Moisturiser SPF for men, this product works well on my face and it keeps my skin breathing. I panic when I run out of this one if I can’t find at the store I call Vaseline for some products.

Skechers Sneakers 
I was skeptical at first about Skechers sneakers until I went to their store in Melrose Arch and they gave me two pairs of my choice to wear and I was pleasantly surprised. This Skechers pair is my favorite, it is very light and I can wear the pair all day without taking my shoes off at the office in order to let my feet breathe a bit. They are travel shoes as well, when I am on the plane this is the pair to have or when you visit a place like New York where you are required to walk a lot, this is the pair for you.

Photo by Oscar Nilsson on Unsplash