Welcome To The New Year

I remember back in 2015 when we started Marvin, this being the fourth magazine I have owned and started from the ground up… meaning that I also have three failed magazines under my belt. I was working in corporate at the time and the job was comfortable and I grew within the company, but there was this thing about chasing this magazine dream that kept me awake at night. Actually, that year was one of the most disruptive and difficult years to date, I lost a lot that year and sometimes don’t understand how I survived that year.

Losing my mother in March 2015 encouraged me to go for my dreams because I had nothing else to lose, I felt that I had lost everything. At the time I was more afraid of failure than anything else and I wanted to prove to myself that this magazine idea actually could work and obviously prove to the world as well. I withdrew my pension fund and took the leap of faith with hopes that I wouldn’t ask for my former job back. Along the way, we knew that we had to develop our voice because we are not like the other male magazines, we are Marvin. Also, we were aware that no one knew who we were, so we had to introduce ourselves to the world. We are turning four this month and we have grown, experimented and learned lessons while making mistakes. Learning from others and how the world operates so we can get better.

Along the way we got brands that believed in us and what we stand for, brands such as Vaseline, Total, DNA Architects, Glenffidich, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, Range Rover, and Hennessy to name a few. With each brand, they let us explore how we define the modern man in our world and we are thankful for that. Writers, photographers, make-up artists and Dj’s who made Marvin’s Room a place of joy and good times – editors, illustrators, men who agreed to be on the cover of Marvin. Boston Media House for always allowing us to change one student’s life at a time. PowerFM for giving us the voice when we need to share our thoughts on the radio. Last but not least to those who have believed in Marvin from the beginning thank you for being with us for this long, we promise to get better at what we do and grow with you.

From me and the team thank you very much for your support, with hopes to do even better in 2019. One Love.

George Gladwin Matsheke