Conversation with Marvin …

Conversation with Marvin …

Marvin reckons New Years resolutions should start in December. He figures it’s a bad idea to jump on the January bandwagon because by the end of March, the wheels fall off. It is generally the same pattern every year because people are inspired but it doesn’t last, there is no momentum. People put so much pressure on getting the perfect body or career change in a very short space of time. ‘January focus’, is often forced because people don’t have any money, they are forced to focus, it doesn’t come voluntarily. Focusing in December is something else. It takes everything you have stay focused in December because December in South Africa is different. The air smells different in December compared to other months, the excitement, the holidays, the mischief, basically, December has the “I can get away with murder feel to it” because no one cares in December, everyone wants to have fun. The true test of character lies in one’s ability to remain disciplined during this silly season.


The same logic is applied to travelling. Don’t go anywhere fancy or outside the country, rather use December to reflect and take stock. Don’t do what everybody does and expect different results. Create your own travel calendar and travel when it suits you and your business. Come to think of it, I made more business moves in December than any other month so I get it. There is a lot of travelling in my 2017 calendar.


Marvin was questioning my eating habits and told me to try stop eating junk. I am fortunate in that I don’t gain weight by eating junk food, but that is not the point. At some point your body will fail you and you will regret not taking good care of it when you had the chance. He carries on by saying that I shouldn’t be dramatic and stop eating junk altogether because that is just silly. He encourages me to eat more fish, eggs, chicken and vegetables for just a month and watch the difference. Marvin was right. I have never identified myself as ‘sexy’ before, but one morning after taking a shower, I saw myself naked and I must say, I looked good naked. I had been running everyday but was really surprised at how changing the way I ate, made such a huge difference. Not only in how I looked but also how I feel.


Marvin said; “Love requires patience, love requires a lot of work, I don’t understand your generation that thinks that love needs to just happen and everyone lives happily ever after”. People are desperate to be loved and they will do silly things just for that fix called love. You will never know anyone until you spend time with them, one year is not enough to know anyone really, even five years is not enough. People change, people evolve, you are not the same person you were five years ago and you are not looking for the same things in a partner either. You are exposed to more money now, more traveling, your palate is different, your friends are different, your problems are different as well. So chill, take your time, the advantage of being a man is that time is on our side, you can start a family at the age of forty because at that stage you wont be broke.

Friends & Family

Stop being friends with people who don’t add any value in your life and don’t be apologetic about it. That includes family. Sometimes family and friends hold us back because we don’t have the same values. Its easier said than done, but it will cost you less in the future if you are true to who you are. Not everyone is going to be happy for you as you succeed therefore try to learn to identify those who are for you and those who are not.


Spend as much time with yourself as possible, know what you are about and what you are not about. Know who God is and try to listen to what he is always trying to tell you. Be nice to yourself because no one will be. Be kind to yourself. Keep on working out and staying fit, it is a better and more effective way to manage stress. Eat well. Treat your body like a temple and it will be good right back. Take the liberty to take over the world because every generation needs a revolution and you are part of that revolution.