Black Coffee Does Not Have To Have Another Gig In The Hood, But He Does, Why?

iGrootman lama Grootman. Before I can express the tone of this opinion you should be aware of my respect for uCoffee. You only have to look in 2016 to understand where this man is going. You voted him to win Best DJ in the Deep House category at the 2016 Ibiza DJ Awards. He was chosen by the diaspora to win the BET Award for Best International Act: Africa, an Ubuntu Award, an Album of the Year and the International Achievement Award and two other awards at the SAMA’s, that’s the awards.

‘Pieces of Me’ released with Ultra Music went double platinum but bloma! a remix for Grammy award winning singer and songwriter Alicia Keys and a 5-month international tour that spanned 5 continents, over 50 cities and included performances at Coachella, Ultra Music Festival, Snowbombing, Extrema Outdoor Belgium, South West Four, Cavo Paradiso, Solomun +1, Ushuaia Ibiza, RBMA Montreal, Warehouse Project as well as Black Coffee’s fourth consecutive season in Ibiza as one of Circoloco’s resident DJs. Then! And went to be a resident Dj at Shimmy Beach for the month of December.


Then next thing Mamelodi, Rockville, Khayelitsha, Meadowlands, Potchefstroom and Gaborone. At this rate, Black Coffee does not need to play another gig in South Africa let alone the hood, but he keeps doing it and the support from largely young black people keeps increasing every year. From Werksman to ezama-Aeronautica Militare to these young Codeine X Sprite drinking young boys, noNyaope have nothing but respect for Black Coffee. South Africa is a house music capital, it is said that House music DJs and Producers have intense ambitions of making it in South Africa more than anywhere in the globe. And these are the exact people he makes music for because he is those people.

You have to understand how a young boy from iKasi laseplazini felt when he drew DJ turntables onto a desk in his bedroom then lose the use of his hand while pursuing a career that is formulated by the bases on using two hands to demonstrate their skill. This was in 1990, nin nin later he allegedly remixes Simphiwe Dana “Ndiredi” without permission from uSuster. 10 years later she explained that she did not authorize the remix of her songs because she herself was new in the industry and did not want to be branded ‘Simphiwe Dana of Black Coffee’s remix’, which makes sense…ten years later, fede. Besides all that jazz, you have to realize to that this is a young man who decided to break through boundaries through his identity, our identity.


The biggest accolade Black Coffee has is not even recognised yet, is the fact that he exports more South African music than any African artist. His sets are full of South African songs that would otherwise not see the dead of night in an international club. An African sound that mesmerises people, people who wouldn’t know what the song is about but the drum, melody moves them from the core. This is a type of power Black Coffee’s is using to reach the world. He is being more talent, he is a product of a country, a person that are changing everything we know about everything. He knows this, no one really knows the cars he drives or the money he made this year but revered regardless. He inspires people through his ability only. And this is the exact inspiration young people want and need. It gets twisted by brands and corporates telling black people to aspire to live an unaffordable expensive life. How many people are relying on Black Coffee’s performance to make money? Worldwide they book him because he is a guarantee to make money but yet you never hear about his money. Grootman lama mpela. You don’t floss money, you floss ability! That is what inspires ikasi and that’s why he saw as an opportunity to raise it through a black-led, run, and supported Block Party. His ultimate goal is to fill up FNB, he knows he is not there yet, but keep your attention on how he chose FNB Outer Field. The next person may see it as a sign that he is not yet great enough to fill up FNB. But another sees it as how a great a black man is moving at his pace, humble, and determined to bring it close enough to his dream to demonstrate his intention. One day he will do it because Black Coffee is coming for everything the world said he could not have.

Writer: Banele Rewo