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Good morning readers. I’m writing you all from New York City where the trees are sprinkled with frosting and the air is thin and crisp. Every time I look around I can’t help but to think I’m in a painting, it’s surreal. I have captured a lot of content throughout the past few days, I’m so excited to share with you the results in the coming weeks. Firstly I wanted to start off with this editorial, so let’s get to it.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaSteven OnojaWhen I received my new timepiece and wide brim hat I did a little joyous dance. I mean who doesn’t like it. It’s accessories like these that I believe every man should have in his wardrobe to really polish off any outfit. Button up and pants? no problem, add the new Movado Bold Motion, Engineered by HP smartwatch. Older coat? Dress it up with a new wide brim hat like this for a modern twist. Save up for those few designer pieces that will enhance your image and mix in with your everyday wardrobe.
Steven Onoja
Steven OnojaUnlike most smartwatches in the market, this is a wearable that goes with everything from formal to casual. The best part is it doesn’t have all that clunky technology as it relies on subtle technology that is there to just enhance my everyday. With the ability to track my messages, notifications and movement, this smartwatch keeps me connected to my most important information.
Steven OnojaSteven OnojaI will be sure to wear this watch all winter/spring and give you guys an update on how I’m using it. Check out more pieces here. This post is sponsored by Movado & HP.
Steven Onoja
Photo by: James Creel
Location: Greenpoint, Brooklyn. NY

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