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Broaden Your Horizons in Paris

I’m proudly South African. Despite the trials and tribulations we regularly encounter our potential outweighs the darkness of our past. We can’t deny the effects our history has had on us wether we acknowledge it or not. We still carry the burdens of yesterday upon our shoulders. The weight can sometimes feel


Best Holiday Getaways Around The World

November is the ideal time to go 
on vacation. With the holidays 
looming around the corner, for 
many, it’s the last chance of the 
year to take a break from your job
get in a change of scenery before 
the family commitments pile on.


Paris, France

As soon as I entered the city, the first thing I recognized was how the cherry blossoms were lined along the streets so pink and fluffy truly giving me flashbacks of a certain movie scene that I clearly fell in love with a while back


London, United Kingdom

I’m guilty of loving London. Honestly, London for me was love at first sight. Even before I had been there. My first sight of London surely was on Television. It must have been some random


Florence, Italy – Part 1

Florence is the capital of Italy’s Tuscany region. It is well known for its rich history of many master pieces of Renaissance art and architecture. It stands as the 8th largest city in Italy


Rome, Italy

Rome is part of the Italian country, being the capital city and prominent for ancient empire It has a lot of prominent attraction sites like the Colosseo


Baecations and Thangs

So, most relationships go through a period where plans to travel are put on the table. This could be one heck of a testing period for the couple. I mean, you love each other, but have never really spent every waking moment with each other, outside of your comfort zone, which could possibly be a...