Baecations and Thangs

So, most relationships go through a period where plans to travel are put on the table. This could be one heck of a testing period for the couple. I mean, you love each other, but have never really spent every waking moment with each other, outside of your comfort zone, which could possibly be a foreign country. That’s not the only concern, some couples just have different ideas of fun; what fun entails, I mean, it even happens with friends.

I once went on a trip with friends of mine who were a couple, we went to Scotland, this couple was so set on climbing the Ben Nevis mountain. Me, on the other hand, I was thinking I’m on holiday. I really don’t understand the point of going on holiday to go climb a mountain for 8 hours, a whole 8 hours while there’s really good weather. Good weather has the beach written all over it, I mean, I could hear the waves calling my name, and I obliged. They went mountain climbing, I searched for a beach, win win situation.

But then again, that’s just me and I was the third wheel in the equation, so, when you are baecationing, you do bae thangs. If you are a beach body and bae wants to go mountain climbing, you put on your bikini under that mountain climbing gear and get your mountain climbing boots climbing that mountain. Just for the sake of harmony in the relationship. And if you are like me and do not want to find yourself doing hard work while on holiday, then you plan for a trip that meets your leisurely desires. But then again, planning a holiday with bae can give you a taste of what it would be like to plan your wedding, I stand to be corrected as I, myself, have never planned a wedding with bae. I say this because you need to choose a destination; that’s similar to choosing a wedding venue. Then you need to agree on the trip package, that’s like allocating a budget to your wedding and the list goes on. So, it’s not all rosy unless you are one of those who just vibe and were just meant to be.


Unless you hit the bae lotto, some of us have to settle with bae’s who save for a holiday month to month. And then the holiday gets moved to the next year because bae decided to dip into the funds for valentines, mother’s day if you are his baby mama, women’s day because he’s considerate like that, and of course your birthday. And next year becomes next year and so on. So bae, how about this year becomes next year huh? I mean a trip to the South of France this year will have anyone forgetting how many times the goal post has been moved. This is a baecation of baecations, romance on overdose! Just imagine, you and bae, jet aiming each other, loving each other in French, champagne for breakfast, macaroons, croissants, French toast and sealing it with loads of French kissing. I think you get the drift here…You and bae, taking a stroll in Monaco, while yacht watching and inspiring each other on how one day you are going to own a yacht. Then you head over to Cannes where the glitz and glam happens, and enjoying the beach where the rich and famous sun tan.

This is a possible reality with a trip that Travelbug Stokvel has to offer, less issues on planning and agreeing on what to do. Just what you and bae need.

Writer: Jabulile Koapa