Rome, Italy

Rome is part of the Italian country, being the capital city and prominent for ancient empire It has a lot of prominent attraction sites like the Colosseo, which is the world’s largest amphitheatre as well as one of the most popular places where citizens of ancient Rome used to watch violent gladiatorial games. The amphitheatre would decrepit a capacity of about 60,000 spectators. All the beautiful attractions have surely made the city prominent. The Roman culture, architecture, and food are a big part of the infectious Roman atmosphere.   More places you can see in Rome include, the Fontana di Trevi, the prominent fountain in the district of Rome designed by Nicola Salvi, the largest Baroque Fountain in the City and most prominent. Another would be Vatican City where the headquarters of the Catholic church, which houses masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel Frescoes. (Forro Romano) reside. Rome is one of the most prominent cities in Europe because of the rich historical Architectural structures and culture.

Currency: The Italian country currency is the Euro being that it falls under the Europe regime. When we compare the Euro currency to the South African Rand a very steep exchange rate takes place. The Rand is not nearly as strong as the Euro is, the Rand is about R15 to 1 Euro. You can purchase a lot of things with the South African currency at home, but in comparison to the Euro, almost nothing can be attained with 1 Euro.

My Experience in Rome:

My dream to travel to European countries and apart from Venice, which I am yet to travel to, Rome has always been my fantasy. I would watch those eccentric ancient movies and fall in deep love with each scene. My favorite amongst them is Gladiator and Troy. I imagine those ancient Roman days under the ruling of the empire. Imagine myself living in those times probably being a wife of some wealthy feared Roman emperor named Cyrus, living like a queen dressed in those fine silk and expensive Toga. (That’s what the women’s dresses were called).

Upon my landing, from the airport, I took a bus to my hotel which travelled an hour around the city. I took the bus option because I found it a great idea to see the town. The second option was to take a train which would have been much quicker with none of the bus views yet at double the price. Which definitely made the bus option sound a lot better. The bus entered the city on A91 into Via Crist oforo Colombo and seated at the window seat I could definitely feel and see I was finally in Europe. The language, the gloomy weather, and the buildings had changed. One mind-boggling factor that truly indicated that I was in Europe, was the roadside parking. Rome has no parking lots. It’s as though when their towns were built they did not have cars in mind. They do not have parking lots, no undercover parking’s and their city roads are definitely not wide enough for vehicles. I realized that is why cars are parked everywhere randomly on the streets as though abandoned. Their narrow streets have promoted motorbikes and smart car brands such as Fiat because the smaller the car the more efficient travelling becomes due to the way the cities are set up. It’s easier travelling through the narrow roads and finding parking space to slot in your mini car.

After checking in, the first thing on my mind was a hot shower and thereafter a nap. Sixteen hours on a flight and I was exhausted. If only I could get my mind, body, and spirit to calm down as I could feel the vibrations of the higher power of excitement within me. Trying to take a nap gave me severe anxiety and honestly what was I thinking for Christ’s sake I. WAS. IN. ROME!

So, I got my hands on the local tourist map and the first place I wanted to visit was thee Colosseum. Which indicated to be a 25min walk and with the reassurance from the lady at reception that the whole city center is a walking distance from everything, as efficient as the public transport system may be, walking was cheaper and the best way to experience Rome. She was right. So, my experienced advice to you is that when it comes to exploring European countries bring a lot of sneakers. Be in sneakers and don’t forget to bring more sneakers. Even though their transport system is very efficient the distances between prominent sites are walkable. It’s better to truly see and experience these cities on foot. It is safe, and you’ll find 60 percent of people are tourists just like you. As I walked the 25minutes everything about it was pleasant. Walking between captivating buildings, passing through small café’s and sidewalk ristorantes. Dodging motorbikes, smart cars, bicycles, and road trains all of it just made my heart jump with happiness and fascination. The map led me into Park Parco Del Colle Oppio, a beautiful tree green family and a pet-friendly park filled with locals all I could hear was Roman. Pet dogs running freely, a cheerful family celebrating what looked like a birthday, a Roman choir singing in the middle of the park so splendidly. I decided to pace down and capture every moment on camera as my heart beamed joyfully from it all. As I lifted my eyes, I couldn’t believe what stood ahead of me. My jaw dropped. It was thee mighty concrete Colosseum. Right at the exit gate of the Park Parco as the trees clear way leading you to your exit, right there stood the breath-taking, magnificent Colosseum.

Writer: Phumie Simelane