You Need Bad Guys for Good Guys to Win Because Good Guys Are Boring.

There’s always a conversation with regards to Ciara’s prayer on how she got Russell Wilson and a lot of women are asking for the prayer that she used to get a good man who adores and appreciates her. Personally, I don’t know if prayer helps in finding a better partner compared to making better decisions when you choose a partner. The criteria for choosing a perfect partner changes with age; the type of women I was into when I was in my 20’s are completely different from the women I’ve dated in my 30’s. As a person, you grow and you experience different relationships that bring the best and worst out of you. Then also you go through a period where you discover things about you that you don’t really like or that you are not really proud of, depending on how you deal with them they can either define you or cripple you.

Then you get the guy who is all about his looks and nothing else, no ambition, no plans, no better outlook nothing, this guy usually goes for older women. Then you get the nerdy type that is into different things compared to the rest, very safe and most women label them as boring, mainly because they are predictable. Most of the times these guys don’t get chosen. The safe guys usually win later in life when some have discovered that the bad guys actually don’t work out and they are not the exception to the rule. That’s what’s happened to Ciara, there was no divine prayer, she just gave a good guy a shot, which normally she wouldn’t give a shot to and maybe he’s not even her type.

You Need Bad Guys for Good Guys to Win, some guys don’t cheat and it’s not their thing but because it’s seen as a weakness, they don’t get chosen until the end. Also, as a young man, no one explains to you that the game changes the older you get, things get better, your pool of choice gets better, especially in your 30’s as a man. Usually, your career starts soaring in your 30’s and you don’t get as excited by sex as you were in your 20’s you have your own place and car. You can date in your age group or younger depending on what you like and the pool is bigger. Let’s say that you are 32-year-old man, you can either date in your age group which is between 32 till 28 or go younger to 27 till 24 and also you have the option of dating older as well. A lot of the times our dating choices have to do with how we were raised and the people who were the biggest influences while growing up. I will always date my mother because she is the longest relationship I’ve had with any woman, so I will always look for familiarity when I look for a partner in my relationship. There is always a pattern with regards to the people you date and they can either give you insight with regards to what you like and where it comes from. It’s an ecosystem that works because everyone gets a chance at this relationship thing based on decisions really. Most important is that you are the decision that you make when it comes to choosing a partner