The Mentality You Need Before You Start Any Business is a Business Strategy

Nomayini: The Mentality You Need Before You Start Any Business is a business strategy and self-help book written for young black men between the ages of 16 at 35, predominantly from the townships with an entrepreneurial mindset or aspire to develop one.

‘Nomayini’ means ‘anything’ in IsiZulu language. The term is slang used pervasively in the urban landscape and townships as an expression by Nyaope (heroin) addicts. It is, in fact, a proposal. Nyaope addiction is never lenient and does not forgive failure. Failing to get money to buy a fix is followed by excruciating bodily pain that will not allow the addict to sleep at all. Nyaope addicts wake up with zero rands, but they would have bought a minimum of two hits by the time they go to bed.

On the other side of the fence, we have young people with degrees, homes, beds, and family but a day or week or months pass by without generating an income. They are articulate enough to express the socio-economic challenges with government, communities, and private businesses but fail to produce financial gains daily. They fail to think like Nyaope addicts. The youth can save themselves from unemployment and poverty by learning how to think like nyaope addicts. Nyaope addicts make no excuses, do not complain; they get out there and make things happen to feed the habit. Our youth need to develop a ‘Nomayini’ mentality and apply it to everything they do to save themselves.

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In the book, I help the reader learn how to read their environment and translate experiences into productive thinking. Equipped with a trained mind, a young person can transform themselves financially, mentally, and emotionally in any environment.