The Return of Motorola with Hasselblad

The good people over at Motorola agreed to give me their latest mobile phone for my trip to New York and the main reason I asked for the phone was to explore the incredible feature that came with the phone. The Hasselblad Moto Mod that came with the camera got me incredibly  intrigued because of the type of partnership Motorola and Hasselblad have.

Let’s begin with Hasselblad for those who don’t know the brand, Its the Ferrari of cameras for those with a passion for or who are completely obsessed with photography. Yes you have heard of Nikon,  Canon and Fiji cameras but Hasselbland is something out of the ordinary. The only photographer I know that shot with a Hasselblad is Judd van Rensburg and they don’t come cheap. There was one vintage camera that was still fully operational, it was going for approximately R600k at the time and I’ve heard of some models that cost millions. So when I heard that Motorola and Hasselblad are collaborating, I definitely got excited. I can’t afford a Hasselblad at this point so this is the closest I’ve gotten to owning a Hasselblad.


Works with any moto z.— Compatible with the Moto Z Family of phones.

10x optical zoom— Capture detailed photos from any distance without losing resolution.

xenon flash — Get crisp, blur-free pictures with even lighting in any environment.

Hasselblad design and ergonomics — Get a real imaging experience with enhanced control for easier shooting and better results.

shoots in RAW format — Get the highest level of image quality and brightness, while enjoying more flexibility and control.

easy sharing and backup — Share pictures with family and friends while you’re still in the moment, and enjoy automatic backup.

Back to the Motorola, the last time I owned a Motorola was with the Palm A1200 because I was not cool enough to own the Razr and the Razr came in different colors at the time. I think at the time, it was the only brand of cellphones that experimented with cool colours and actually got it right. If your phone didn’t flip then it wasn’t cool, all I wanted was a flip phone and this is what my parents could afford at the time – it was touch screen (not a popular function at the time) therefore I was kinda ahead of the rest.

Now back to 2017 in South Africa, Motorola is making a come back and I must say I wasn’t looking forward to the release until I spent some time with it and my opinion changed completely. They are not the same Motorola I knew as a teenager but there is something nostalgic about the brand that makes it feel like that crush you had in high school and you bump into each other again now as adults.

You are looking good, refined and you’ve clean up well – your crush has always been the under dog who you saw potential in and never got the courage to step to up but you are older now. You find out that she is single, you don’t waste time, ask for her number and a date – she agrees. You go on a couple of dates, you find out that she liked you too but thought you were out of her league, now that you are both grown you have a lot to catch up on and so much to look forward to in the future.

That’s the type of love story I experienced when I explored the phone, its the brand I know in a new shell and I’m loving it. The screen quality is great, with an even better quality camera. To those who are struggling with iPhones and Samsung this is going to be a great alternative Android phone that is reliable and relevant.

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Durable, ultra-thin 5.5” Quad HD design

Aircraft-grade aluminum chassis with Corning® Gorilla® Glass.

Advanced, low light camera

Capture clearer pics with laser autofocus and optical image stabilization.

Fingerprint reader

Instantly wake and unlock your phone.

TurboPower™ Charging

Get up to 7 hours of battery life in 15 minutes.²

All-day battery

Go the whole day with a 2600 mAh battery.¹

Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820 processor

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5 MP front camera with flash

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