Time Pieces for The Marvin Man

Perpetual investment can be risky at times. It takes the know-how and pure instinct to hover around the riverside, that is fish-full. Timepieces. They have become an important extension to a gentleman’s maturity, Stature and overall elegance. While they are resembling evolutionary of craftsmanship. There is a pool of collectors as there are collections. With time, innovation met technology. Models have moved from old-School classic to futuristic designs, with slim, bold and extreme designs, and all sorts of technology that comes with it. Nowadays watches can track a persons heart rate, which is good for those who want to monitors their heart rates and all. We can now see digital watches that are connected to the cellphone ie Apple Watch. These various watches are influenced by lifestyle. Yet, giving an exquisite utility watches for sportswear and the outdoors. Be careful to never wear this type of timepiece with formal or office wear. You will look out of place very quickly and no one wants that.

Almost similar to anything you wear, watches worn with anything but like we said you need to know which time piece goes with what time of wear. One will have to shop around to meet the perfect apprentice, to last a lifetime. Investing in a good watch based on someone else’s views is never a bad thing but always explore more and follow what suits your budget and taste.

Yes, it is great to save and be secure. Although, it’s a good idea to investing in things that you love, your personality comes through that, your attitude, your style and crest. A watch is not only the price that it carries, but the heritage and tradition it is packed with it. Learn the traits of what timepiece best accentuates you as the Marvin Man. As there are timepieces for all occasions and for any type of person to indulge in. There are varieties of investment watches, statement watches and to the day to day-affordable watches. Giving an idea what is out there, for work, sports and daily lifestyle. It matters not the budget. The statement is by you, the timepiece is the deal, the choice is yours, you wear it”.

Daily affordable-watches.

This range is a great and inexpensive way to start a journey, in timepiece knowledge and finding the perfect time-keeper. Avoid the hearsay and take time to go visit you’re nearest watch retailers to get acquainted. Doing this will give you an idea going forward and learning more. Your daily affordable watches can be found at your known clothing stores. These brands had an idea to add to their clothing lifestyle, a quality timepiece collection that is like wine in a barrel, maturing with time. Growth.



Statement watches.

Here we are talking about the guys who know what they are all about. The Marvin Man who has a selective vision and precision when it comes to how he looks. Brands that have been in luxury watchmaking for over years and have went out to add into their already luxurious cart, a range inclusive of the medium to high-end market. The Maturity in watchmaking and key functionalities display importance in designing such timepieces. Quality is shown with such elegance. You do not have to ask more than twice, as quality shines before you.


Investment watches.

Well, these are heirlooms and those important gifts. They speak for themselves; attention to quality is well polished with a span of over 100 years, which tells of the watchmaking production, patented rarity and utmost complexity. From slick lines comes elegance and timelessness. This class will require the eye of an eagle as you dive in. Meaning that, purchasing a timepiece of this nature you will have to be careful and had done a thorough learning about the timepieces production patterns, materials used, functionality and the brands overall heritage as well the culture behind it. They are rare to the daily eye. They are investment pieces.

Writer: Sefenya “Bans” Theka