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Blood & Water’ Season 2 Premiers On The 24th Of September 2021

Netflix announces that season 2 will launch on the streaming platform on 24 September 2021. The highly anticipated second season promises the same riveting drama we all fell in love with, unlikely alliances, and twists and turns as the Parkhurst clan up the ante on their quest for the truth. Season 2 will pick up...


Disney+ Coming to South Africa In 2022

Disney‘s streaming service Disney+ will be launching in South Africa mid-year (between June and August) in 2022. The announcement was made by Walt Disney CEO Bob Chapek during the company’s Q3 earnings results call on 12 August 2021. “The launch of Disney+ in Eastern Europe has moved from late 2021 to summer of 2022, primarily...


The Return of Motorola with Hasselblad

The good people over at Motorola agreed to give me their latest mobile phone for my trip to New York and the main reason I asked for the phone was to explore the incredible feature that came with the phone. The Hasselblad Moto Mod that came with the camera got me incredibly  intrigued because of...


Ta-ku – Songs To Make Up To ….

Relationships are some of the most important events in our worlds. There is this notion, now, that no one needs anyone, even though social media shows us that everyone needs everyone. That, more than any other single effect in someone’s life, we will remember when we were together with the most ardor. As such, and...