Fatherhood: Linda & Phiwe

This is Phiwe and her father Linda, these two hardly miss Thesis Social Jam Sessions. So in my regular Thesis shoots, I came across this pair that seemed to get along so well, Linda and I got acquainted and so we decided we would get together to capture him and Phiwe one of these days and here we are, 5 months later we finally made it happen. Of all shoots I do for fun, this had some meaning, it was more about capturing real and honest moments about a regular dude, who hangs with his daughter and without knowing he is a role model for many fathers of our age out there. If I did this shoot for any reason, it would be for that very sentiment. Do not get me wrong here, Linda does not deserve medals for taking care of his daughter, but he sure does deserve the recognition of doing what he has to, fashionably.

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Video and Photography: Jeff Rikhotso