The Truth About It All

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

This week I wanted to share a few truths I’ve come to accept. I wrote this a while back and I thought it would be great to remind myself to see if I still feel the same. Hope you enjoy it. You see the truth about it all, is that like everyone else I dream big. I dream of being wealthy, and sometimes I want to be famous. In all honesty though, I just want to be appreciated. You see the truth is like everyone world over, I’m going to struggle with a few life decisions and perhaps may have regrets about some of them. In the end, I will have probably made the best decision, and in hindsight will only realize it much later.

I’ve been heartbroken, and I’ve done my fair share of heartbreaking. Let’s be honest it sucks, irrespective of which side of the fence you are on. The truth is that despite this fact of life, I’m still a fan of love and wish to be blissfully in love again. In the same breath though, the truth is I’m petrified of having my heart-broken again. Some days are absolutely brilliant, you know the type that you want to share with the world. Then sometimes you’ll have very dark and depressing days, the ones where you want to dig a giant hole for. As life would have it, either way, you always make it out alive. The truth is sometimes you don’t want to be part of this crazy world but you know you can’t live without it.

Perhaps one day you’ll wake up with the worlds worst hangover, actually maybe it’s universally monumental. Then your first thought is “damn that was a good night”, but even if it was an awesome night you will very openly hate yourself. The truth is that life happens and some things are just beyond your control. Although you simply can’t sit on the bench and watch your life go by. You need to be an active participant. As your open eyes and roll over in bed; two things might happen and it all really depends on the ending you choose. Option one: as you roll over in bed and turn to see who is laying next to you. You may just have a sneaky little smirk and think “that’s a job well done”.

Option two: Or perhaps you roll over, to turn and only regret laying in that bed. Either way, let’s admit it the truth is after all its just sex. One day you will be under-dressed, you’ll have to chin up and rock your outfit with pride. Let’s be honest though inside you’ll be kicking yourself silly. The truth is your mom and dad are right about a few things. They’ve been there, done that and gotten the awards for it and made you in the process. We all know it sucks having to learn lessons the hard way. In the end, you value the lesson after all. The truth is that nothing in life is certain, that is except death and taxes. If you don’t believe me, I suggest that you watch Meet Joe Black.

Sometimes you’ll meet someone who really appreciates your passionate obsession for all things lingerie like you do. In reality though you might just end up with someone who doesn’t understand what all why you are so fussy about underwear. It’s on those days you’ll need to smile, wave and teach them a few things

The truth of all truths is, that you should be true to yourself. No one can live this life for you and no two journeys are the same.

P.S Truth is I really really like Drake and I don’t care what anyone else thinks



Writer: Nhlanhla Karabo Msimango