For Black Boys: The World is Resetting Itself. Welcome To The New World.

I called my cousin on the first day of 2020 and I said to her that this is a new decade and it’s a new beginning for everything, Those who were at the top will be at the bottom and those who were at the bottom will be at the top. Being 2021 and seeing what the world is going through today, you realise that one thing about that statement is right, the world is resetting itself, because mankind can’t. 

The entire world is on its knees, and it’s not just African countries, but everyone is going through the most right now. Maybe I am wrong about the top and bottom statement, because the rich got richer and I know that I am no longer middle class right now because of the pandemic. We have lost many grandparents, parents, friends, partners and colleagues during this period, I think it’s safe to that say everyone has lost someone they cared about to the Corona virus. 

Our economy is in a terrible state, worse than ever before, corruption worse as well, surprisingly. Relationships are strained during this period, my cousin also forgot to wish me happy birthday in 2020 and I didn’t take it personally, I understood that we are going through a lot as people. Business is very tough, there is nothing I haven’t tried to save this business and to a certain level, there is only so much one can do as well. GBV is still a big issue that the country is not really trying to address, men are the problem when it comes to GBV and we need to understand why men behave in such a way. Also, men are killing themselves at a rapid rate because of the difficulties of this life, and honestly, I understand. 

I think relationships are under pressure right now as well, and I am sure it all started during the first lockdown. People were forced to stay together for longer periods than they anticipated, which forces them to face each other’s problems. A lot of break-ups and divorces happened last year. If you were not sure about your partner before lockdown, I am sure you know where you stand now. People have lost their jobs too, and that has put a strain on relationships as well. 

During all this mess, my son was born in 2020, the only thing that was good about 2020 if I am being honest. I think our ancestors chose this period for a reason, no one has seen my son except for immediate family, we don’t post his face on social media either. I love that we chose not to post him on social media, for now, we are experiencing him at our pace and own time. He is beautiful, he has his mother’s eyes, he looks like a girl, just like I did when I was his age. He is everything I have dreamt of and more. I have seen more fathers stepping up and trying to be the best fathers they can be. I also joined a WhatsApp group called Dope Black Dads, a very informative group. Also, it makes you feel like you are not alone, the journey of being a good dad is a lonely one. 

The world is resetting itself, and so is media, a lot of magazines closed last year, more will shut down this year. The advertising industry is next, if you don’t change, the world will force you to change. Tesla is the most valuable automaker and it’s one of the youngest car makers at a young 17 years old. We can’t go to cinemas to watch movies, everything is moving online. Interesting times ahead … welcome to the new world.