Practice Makes Perfect, This is How I Begin My Year …

I enjoy the good energy and vibes each new year brings, the motivational “this is my year sayings” gearing everyone up to tackle the year and hopefully win. I recently came back from a holiday in Mozambique, besides the days being over 37 degrees hot I got to experience the culture, food, markets, walks on the beach and brushed up on my Portuguese since it’s so close to my home language (French). I didn’t feel the urge to be on my phone all the time, I took this time to detox, frustrated people who are used to me always being available. But I got more human interaction and solid conversations, I met people that had a different perspective on life, business, and love.

I realised how I’ve been depriving myself of time… time to myself. I’m happier and healthier, I’m in a better frame of mind to take care of things that are important to me, I’ve learned the importance of not cluttering my dreams with too many achievements. I don’t want to achieve a lot, I want to achieve what’s important. This year isn’t about focus, consistency or “getting the bag” we are slowly mastering that, all of us.. for me it’s about doing things that matter, things that have an impact, makes me happy and are important to me. I’m taking my cooking passion seriously again by getting my culinary qualification… I stopped sharing my food on Instagram because I felt I wasn’t at the level I know I could be, I miss the “Please send recipe” and “When are you gonna cook for me :)” Dm’s. However I didn’t stop cooking, the key to self-mastery in anything is practice, the more we practice the more proficient we become.

Without dedication there can be no mastery, practice what’s important to you, constantly practice habits that will bring you closer to what you want to achieve, practice decisions that will protect your energy and heal you from toxic experiences, what you want deserves a mastered version of you.

Writer: Joe Human