Grooming …

There is a saying on social media that goes “it’s not that you are ugly, you are just broke”, and I am actually starting to believe parts of it. After a conversation with Marvin, I decided to follow his advice and in just a month, I can also see the difference. A lot of people have contributed towards this ‘image situation’ that I am working on. I am not great at this grooming game because I believe it shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to get ready right? Right! This is what happened …

Screenshot 2017-01-13 07.06.24


When I am in Durban, I make sure to catch up with Sphelele Mjadu, PR Manager, Personal Care, Unilever. As her job keeps her very busy, even a thirty-minute catch up goes a long way. On our last catch up, I told her about my love for Vaseline and how I really believe in the brand because we all grew with up with it. She gave me a ‘Vaseline for Men pack’, and explained what each product does. I was just surprised that Vaseline had so many products for men, and I had been none the wiser. This pack turned out to totally transform my grooming routine for the better.

Vaseline Men Fast Absorbing Lotion

This is my winter lotion; I suffer from dry skin every winter. It’s the only season I actually add hand cream to my ‘must haves’. I only realized that I have been using the wrong cream, when I discovered how affective this one is in hydrating my skin.

Vaseline Men Cooling Lotion

I run about 3 times a week, and this lotion works for me when I am running. It really has a refreshing smell to it and hydrates my skin without feeling too heavy.

Vaseline Men Extra Strength

This is my summer/spring lotion. Until now, I was really in the dark about the importance of adapting your skin care regimen with the season. This lotion works for those hot days, keeping me super fresh.

Vaseline Men Face Even Tone Expect

Honestly, I don’t know why I use this specific one for my face but it works. What is interesting, is that a couple of months ago, I used one lotion for my entire body. Now, I know better and actually can see the difference which is awesome.


Phillips Shaver

I got the Phillips Shaver delivered to me because it was ‘Movember.

Each year, as part of the Movember campaign, men around the world commit to signing up on and growing a moustache for November in the name of men’s health. A major focus of Movember is raising awareness and opening dialogues about issues that affect men as well as the promotion of the need to improve your general health.

As part of this awareness campaign, Movember encourages you not only to grow a Mo for 30 days, but to know the numbers that affect your health: find out about your family medical history, go for medical checks, be familiar with your body and any unusual changes, and reach out for help if you suspect something is wrong. Movember also calls for you to make a commitment to be more active over the month, incorporating exercise into your daily routine under the Movember MOVE initiative. The Philips shaver is a must have item, for those times when you start looking untidy. If you just need to trim your beard or work on a bigger area, it caters for both. I have a lot of chest hair, and my theory was that if it could sort that out, I am sold. It was so easy to handle and I found it very easy to clean. For these reasons, I think every man should have one for their grooming needs.

Beard Moisturizer

My brother has better beard game than I do and his beard always looks like he actually cares about his entire grooming situation. When I was home over the holidays, I observed my brothers’ routine and it blew my mind. The guy has an actual comb just for his beard! In my head, I was like “but when did this become a thing”? it seemed ridiculous until I tried it. He bought me a beard moisturizer of my own, I tried it out and was taken aback by how my beard started shining and looking like what beards are supposed to look like. There is no turning back now – I am THAT guy and its great.

Photographer: Jeff Rikhotso